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Read on to discover why the Njinga 8-week FTP Accelerator Training Programme was the best training Njinga rider James Longhurst did last January.

Whatever your cycling and fitness goals are for 2024, kick-starting your new year with a Njinga training programme, like the FTP Accelerator, could be the best decision you make all year.

In January 2023 I signed up for my first Njinga Group Indoor Training Programme, the FTP Accelerator, and it gave me the impetus, the fitness gains and the confidence to have my best year on a bike for a long, long time.

Here’s what I found and why I think you should consider signing up for the 2024 edition to have your best new year on the bike too...

1. Focus

I went into the programme with a clear aim to get fit(er) on the bike and improve my FTP.

I’d never completed a coaching programme before and I was nervous about the commitment. I run my own business and have a young family. I was concerned the inertia of dark January and February days and outside commitments would stop me in my tracks.

Despite the dark and the cold (sessions in the garage were often in minus temperatures) the clear programme and excellent coaching advice meant I just got on with it, each day I knew what session I should be doing and cracked on completing it.  

2. Flexibility

The live programme times didn't work for me so I chose to join the programme on-demand. This meant I did all my sessions via immersive replay, which worked best for me because I could ride in the morning or lunchtime rather than evenings which suited my work schedule and kid's bedtimes.

I loved completing the sessions via immersive replay and seeing the data of my fellow riders alongside my own. Over the 8 weeks, I felt like I got to know them, even if all I saw was a name and some data. Having other riders to benchmark against and aim for in sessions was a huge help too.  

3. Accountability

Taking my data from the sessions and filling it in the programme Data Analysis Spreadsheet became part of my post-session routine, along with the recovery drink! I loved being able to see the progress I’d made and learn lessons from the sessions which didn’t go so well.

Doing the sessions on demand I thought they’d be more like some of the Zwift or Wattbike workouts I’d done. However, they felt totally immersive and just like I was doing them live with the rest of the group. My data was on screen with the other riders, and I had Togo in my headphones encouraging (and occasionally shouting) at me by name throughout the sessions.

The accountability of the data, of having Togo check in on my progress and the programme WhatsApp group really helped give me a sense of accountability that kept me at it throughout the 8 weeks. 

4. It Worked

The single biggest reason though, is that it worked. I got fitter, I lost weight, I rode regularly through the deepest darkest months of winter and my FTP improved way beyond the targets I’d set myself to numbers that I didn’t think were possible when I started. All of which set me up for a year of cycling I couldn’t previously have imagined. 

The cold hard numbers tell the story themselves. My FTP went up 25 watts (Roughly a 15% increase) and my weight dropped by 3kg during the 8 weeks. And when I went out on the road I felt like a new rider, with regained confidence to hit the hills and the flats.

In fact, Njinga are so confident their programmes will work they offer a risk-free guarantee (100% of your money back if you follow all their recommendations, complete the entire programme and see no results).


So my advice is to give it a crack in 2024, you’re likely to find not only do you have a great start to the year, you get fitter, and stronger and it carries through to a great year on two wheels.

Not sure the programme is right for you? Read on...

Still on the fence?

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