Bespoke Training Plans

The best thing you can do to boost your cycling performance. Designed to suit your goals, built around your lifestyle. Everyone has different commitments and time to train, so we work together with you to create a bespoke plan to help you achieve your full potential.

Working with an experienced cycling coach can have a major impact on your riding. If you need structure with your training or struggle to stay motivated, it's time to invest in someone who can work closely with you, to drive maximum results. Our bespoke coaching plans are created by experienced and qualified British Cycling coaches, using the most up-to-date training methodology in order to help you reach your cycling goals in the most effective, accurate and enjoyable way possible.


Not Sure How To Get Started?

    • At Njinga Cycling, we want you to get the most out of your training plan. We recommend you book a free 15-min call today to chat with our Head Coach about our various options, and how they could work for you. 

Rider Testimonials

"I was able to conquer a number of Category climbs in the Alps though hard I was always confident I would complete them, I completed the Cat 1 Col de Forclaz 20% quicker than last year. In the London 100 I was able to knock off almost 40 minutes from my time last year a 12% improvement.  I have put this all round improvement down to adhering to a bespoke plan provided by Togo, but also to the continuing encouragement and advice provided by Togo and his team at Njinga Cycling over the plan period. I have demonstrated with a clear plan, effort and support you can break out of ‘’the plateau.’’  Many thanks to Njinga Cycling for a very rewarding 2 months."

- Simon Barrett

"I met Togo on a HotChillee gravel ride and immediately knew I needed to speak to him some more. I love his passion and enthusiasm for riding and Njinga. I asked Togo to help me with my training through the winter in preparation for my upcoming event: the Cape Town Cycle Tour where my goal was 3h15 at 33.4 km/h. Not only did I achieved a 3h07 finishing time at 35 km/h, but I was eighth in my age group and the 31st female overall out of 3,200 female participants.  I hadn’t even been targeting a place – just a time! I had done better than I ever could have anticipated by smashing my PB by a huge 31 minutes. Thank you Togo, you rock!"

- Michelle Sharland

"Several months ago I started to work with Head Coach Togo with the aim of focusing my training around a set goal and new cycling challenge. We decided to work on my time trialling and with that in mind Togo is helping me to structure my training and currently we’re working on “building the engine” to prepare for future individual time trials. Togo has been great understanding my challenges to training and modifying the plan to keep me committed and focused. As he says, "Its all about quality over quantity training sessions!"

- Stewart Twidle


Once you've purchased your plan, we'll be in touch about arranging your full consultation review with our Head Coach. After the consultation, you will receive your fully bespoke training plan.



Per month

  • 1. Includes a comprehensive 60 min pre-plan consultation - allows your coach to get a full understanding of rider history, cycling goals/aspirations, medical history, coaching, support needs and current training schedule
  • 2. Monthly Cycling Training Plans - Personalised training plan to fit within your lifestyle and the hours you can dedicate to training each month
  • 3. Weekly Coach Catch Up via telephone/skype - To review progress and establish next steps. Can discuss, modify or adapt sessions due to a change in circumstances (injury, illness, heightened stress, etc) (WEEKLY 15 MIN)
  • 4. Access to Training Diary and/or Training Peaks account - To record and evaluate training progress 
  • 5. Rider Benchmark Testing Strategies & Target Calculator - Benchmark testing to be carried out every 8 weeks to establish improvements and support optimisation of training plan
  • 6. Set Nutrition Goals - With coach during pre-plan consultation. Nutrition strategy includes pre, during and post cycling session hydration and nutrition to aid performance
  • 7. Access to the Njinga Cycling Academy: Full access to our comprehensive online training platform including:
  •      a. Nutrition Support- Simple, healthy and delicious meals  and meal plans from our nutrition coaches to aid performance. All meals are packed with nutrient dense foods to increase energy, aid recovery and support immunity
  •      b. Mindset Support - With the support of a clinical sports psychologist, we work on developing your mental strength, teaching techniques to overcome key issues or blocks with your cycling; and to transform you from an average cyclist into a phenomenal cyclist
  •      c. Off-Bike Conditioning Classes - OnDemand Classes - access to our library of workout videos from our experienced team of motivational instructors in the field of Yoga, Pilates, Core, Kettle Bells, Plyometric Exercises etc. All specifically devised for cyclists
  •     d. On-Bike Training Sessions - OnDemand Classes - access our library of structured on bike sessions, choose from sprinting, endurance, intervals and climbing options

Choose The Right Training Plan To Suit You

Improve every aspect of your cycling with our 1-to-1 coaching. Each plan is structured around your goals, needs and life - no one plan is the same.


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