What is our Philosophy?

We focus on a 360' holistic approach to cycling that will make you fitter, healthier and mentally stronger on the bike.

Our in-depth knowledge, coaching expertise and passion for cycling is all based on our 3 pillared philosophy:

1. TRAIN: The physiological components
2. FUEL: The nutritional components
3. MIND: The psychological components  

By focusing on and committing to simultaneously building all three of these fundamental areas, we guarantee to transform your cycling, enabling you to RIDE at your peak.


The physiological aspects of training, both on and off the bike.

It's no longer about junk miles and spending endless hours on the bike. It's about prioritising quality over quantity training so you see results faster.

We take a holistic view and provide:

  • Bespoke training plans that fit into your schedule
  • S&C programmes to boost muscular power, endurance and speed
  • Yoga, pilates & deep stretching to increase range of motion and build flexibility and mobility
  • On Bike coaching sessions to improve fundamental cycling techniques & bike handling skills


The nutritional aspects to training that fuel your performance. 

Our fuelling philosophy is 100% naturally inspired and is not simply the food you eat, but rather a 360' view of when, what and how you eat. Understanding the full picture allows us to see where you need to improve from better food choices, to sleep and recovery.

We believe a wholefoods diet is the way to go and will guide you through the maze of nutritional challenges and strategies to ensure you get the best results both on and off the bike, boosting your energy and aiding recovery.

We pay close attention to your nutritional timings so you are not held back from achieving your goals. Power to weight has a major impact on your performance so we address how best to reduce your weight safely (if needed) while still improving muscular strength to be able to ride faster.  

Without a smart nutrition plan, you won't be able to perform to your full potential.


The psychological aspects to making you a mentally stronger cyclist.

This is critical to your riding confidence and success. Having the right mindset around your training and riding can have a major impact on your overall cycling performance.

You can have all the power in the legs but if your mind says no, you will struggle to push through when the going gets tough. We'll help you build up mental resilience and courage to push your boundaries and achieve beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Your mind is stronger than your body - we will help you harness that power effectively.


The sum of all your marginal gains: TRAIN + FUEL + MIND = RIDE.  

Achieving RIDE status is when your body and mind are working in unison. Your cycling performance reaches its peak and you see true transformation on the bike.

Together, we will get you there.

and access our FREE Stretching video series. 

Includes: dynamic PRE-ride, static POST-ride, and restorative DEEP stretching routines, ensuring you start to feel the benefits immediately.