What is our Philosophy?

We focus on a 360' holistic approach to cycling that will make you fitter, healthier and mentally stronger on the bike. 

Our in-depth knowledge, coaching expertise and passion for cycling is all based on our 3 pillared philosophy.   Our three key pillars are:

1. TRAIN: The physiological components
2. FUEL: The nutritional components
3. MIND: The psychological components  

By focusing on and committing to simultaneously building these three fundamental areas, we guarantee to transform your cycling, enabling you to RIDE smart.

We know that most of you only have so many hours in the week that you can dedicate to your training, so our approach, is aimed at getting you the maximum benefit possible.



The physiological aspects of training, both on and off the bike.

It's not just about spending endless hours on the bike, but instead prioritising quality over quantity training sessions so you see results faster. It's no longer about junk miles.

- From bespoke training plans and on-going monthly coaching
 to benchmark testing in order to obtain accurate training zones and see results faster.
- From S&C programmes to improve muscular strength and speed, while working on injury prevention, to mobility sessions (yoga, pilates & deep stretching) to improve range of motion to aid balance and stability and optimising power distribution into the pedals.
- From Cycle coaching sessions to improve fundamental cycling techniques & bike handling skills to Pedal technique coaching to improve efficiency and gain 'free power' on the bike.
- From MOT Rider Assessments to understand your strengths and weaknesses and where to focus your time, to online training programmes to improve power and speed.

How will you Train?


The nutritional aspects to training that fuel your cycling performance.

It's all about having the right nutrition before, during and after your rides.

Our fuelling strategies will depend on 3 key factors:
 - intensity
 - duration
 - and frequency of your training sessions.  

Our natural approach to nutrition is not simply the food you eat, but rather a 360' holistic view of when, what and how you eat. Understanding the full picture allows us to see where you need to improve from better food choices, to sleep and recovery, etc.

We also pay close attention to your nutritional timings so you are not held back from achieving your goals.   In cycling, power to weight has a major impact on your performance so we address how best to reduce weight safely (if needed) while still improving muscular strength to be able to ride faster.  

Without a smart nutrition plan, you won't be able to perform to your full potential.


This is all the psychological aspects to making you a mentally stronger cyclist

This is critical to your riding confidence and success. Having the right mindset around your training and riding can have a major impact on your overall cycling performance.

We believe the mind is like a muscle and needs to be trained to allow you to optimise your performance. We therefore work with riders on a variety of tested and proven strategies to improve their mental strength and ultimately their cycling.

The mind is stronger than the body.


This is the sum of all your marginal gains:  

Achieving RIDE SMART status is when we get your body and mind working in unison.

This is where we optimise your cycling performance and you begin to see real transformation on the bike.