Get the results you deserve.

I know what it’s like having a demanding corporate career, overwhelmed by the relentless demands of your job and the pressures of family life. 

 Are you exhausted by constantly juggling priorities while trying to maintain your health and fitness? 

I understand - I've been there.  

From climbing the ranks in the corporate world to conquering the toughest challenges in the saddle, I've faced it all.   

Drawing from my own journey - from a low paid intern to becoming one of the youngest CEOs of a multi-national sports media company before the age of 40 - I understand the relentless pursuit of success and the sacrifices it demands.   

But I also know the toll it takes on your personal well-being.

That's why I want to help you break free from the grind and excel on the bike, taking ownership of your physical and mental health. I'm here to help you achieve the results you deserve. 

As a stocky 95kg rugby player, I only fell into cycling after a serious rugby injury.

But balancing work, training, and my personal life wasn't easy.  There were missed family celebrations and disappointing plateaus in my cycling that made me question my progress.  

However, I learned the power of prioritising my own wellbeing.  

 I became passionate about optimising my health and achieving peak performance, both on the bike and in the boardroom and so started my journey to self-improvement.  

I perfected the training and strategies you need to overcome any obstacle and with relentless determination I not only adapted but thrived. 

These lessons didn't just improve my cycling; they transformed my entire life.    
Through dedicated training, continual research and learning from my mistakes I :
  • Lost over 26kgs, becoming an accomplished climber, 
  • Then put on 4kgs of muscle, transforming into a "Rouleur" rider,
  • Got faster and started racing,  qualifying to represent Team GB Masters for 3 consecutive years at UCI Gran Fondo World Championships 
  • Built my endurance, becoming a multi day cyclist, conquering events like Raid Pyrenees (750km in 5 days and over 11000m of climbing) and specialising in ultra distance one day events with 300+ kms and over 4000m of climbing. (Devil Dragon, Mallorca 312, etc).  
I did this all while studying holistic nutrition, qualifying to be a British Cycling and Performance Coach, and running a thriving cycling business, coaching 1000’s of cyclists of all levels over the last 12 years 

I want to help YOU experience the same but on a very personalised VIP fast track level.

You’ll benefit from a custom training strategy focused on driving high performance, master expert fuelling strategies and develop a winning mindset to empower you both on and off the bike.  

Meaningful and lasting change is hard to consistently achieve without a shift in attitude, clear-set goals, a structured and progressive plan to get you there and unwavering support with a holistic 360’ focused approach to improvement.

Your overall health has to improve to become a fitter, stronger and more confident cyclist.  

My clients aren't just achieving their cycling goals; they're experiencing a complete transformation that impacts every aspect of their lives both professionally and personally. 

 I want to support you to thrive.  

I want to show you that you are stronger than you ever imagined.  

If you are looking for an experienced coach that will push you, inspire you, guide you, and challenge you, then let’s get started. 

My aim is to not only train you smarter, but to educate and mentor you through this transformational journey to becoming an unstoppable, consistent high performer.  

Ready To Start?

We’ll help you achieve your breakthrough, redefining what's possible and allowing you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

 Let's chat and unlock your true potential together.

Qualifications and Experience

  • 3 x Team GB Masters Road Cyclist
  • British Cycling Coach - Level 1 & 2 Road & Time Trials (Level 3 Road & TT in progress)  
  • L3 Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Brainwise Mindset Coach
  • Holistic 360' Nutrition Coach -AADP
  • Wattbike Performance Coach
  • Experienced multi day road racer
  • Ultra distance cyclist +300km daily
  • Ex Mtn biker / adventure racer 
  • Ex Njinga Head Ride Captain 

How Do We Work?

Our professional expertise and tailored coaching has a 360 approach encompassing all aspects that affect your performance on and off the bike - training (TRAIN), nutrition (FUEL) and psychology (MIND).

Rider Stories

We’re extremely proud of our client's achievements.

We’ve had thousands of cyclists pass through our doors, many of whom have stayed and become members of our ever-expanding community, and all of whom have achieved great things through our training.

But don’t just take our word for it… here are some of our members sharing their experience of Njinga Cycling and how it has changed their lives.



Togo, together with his partner and co-founder Leigh Rogers, founded Njinga just after the London Olympics in 2012. Since then, Njinga has grown from small-scale outdoor coaching (headed up by Togo) and nutrition workshops (headed up by Leigh) to the cycling and wellness powerhouse it is today.

 ‘Njinga’ means ‘bicycle’ in Chichewa, one of the official Bantu languages of Malawi where Togo Keynes, one half of the Njinga duo, was born.


Njinga embodies the power of the bike. We offer many services from Online Programmes, Group Training Sessions, 1-on-1 Coaching, The Collective and more. We are driving change within our cycling community and beyond.
As part of our Ride With Purpose mission, we help our members reach their full potential, to which they then go onto help others and give back to our community, or those less fortunate. An example of Njinga's supportive community would be our Santa Charity Cycle for Shooting Star Children's Hospice where we collect presents for the kids and raise funds for the hospice. From it's inception in 2013, we now have well over 100 riders giving back each year and striving to do better. 

Let us help you ride with purpose and lead a better life, then join our community and help us better the lives of others.


To positively change the lives  and have a lasting impact on our riders physical and mental wellbeing. 

Our Ride With Purpose mission is to commit to support 100,000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds by 2025 through the support of our community. Together, we want to see children being able to ride to school safely and have a good education so they are able to build a prosperous future for themselves; and in return, give back later and support their own local communities.  

By helping our riders reach their true potential and achieve great things, we hope to inspire them to pay it forward and create a giant tidal wave of positive change. 

Ubuntu, I am because of who we all are. 


and access our FREE Stretching video series. 

Includes: dynamic PRE-ride, static POST-ride, and restorative DEEP stretching routines, ensuring you start to feel the benefits immediately.