Why are our live programmes so successful?

We are the pioneers of live online group training programmes for cyclists. Our scientifically proven indoor training sessions are immersive, engaging and motivational.
We cater for cyclists of ALL levels looking for structured and progressive cycling training that is led by experienced British Cycling coaches. We’ve trained 1,000’s of cyclists online and guarantee you’ll see improvements in your cycling or your money back.

You will benefit from:


 Personal coach feedback on your live data (HR, Watts and % of FTP)  during each session, helping you with tips, pacing strategies and motivation so you get results from day one.


Get your accurate power data for specific timed intervals within a session to track improvements on a detailed scale, week on week.


 Training with others, having clear power targets per session and being motivated live by our coaches will have you working harder than you do on your own.


Benefit from the team spirit, encouragement and support of a great community. We commit 100% to ensure YOU achieve your individual targets.

Upcoming Programmes

Climb Faster

Start Date: 6th March 2024

Duration: 8-weeks

Benefits: Increased muscular endurance and climbing strength to sustain longer steeper efforts on 'hors categorie' climbs (12% or higher gradient) or hard hilly terrain.  

Result: Superior power to weight ratio to climb faster and pace yourself smarter.

Suitable for: All Levels

Summit Achiever

Start Date: 6th May 2024

Duration: 8-weeks 

Benefits: Mix of improving climbing strength and building endurance stamina to hold a faster pace for longer without fatiguing on those mega long days in the saddle. 

Result: Superior performance on hilly climbs and increased average speed on long endurance rides.

Suitable for: All Levels

Stamina Climber

Start Date: 15th July 2024

Duration: 8-weeks

Benefits: Improved muscular endurance and climbing strength to tackle steady alpine climbs (5-12% gradient).

Result: Enhanced climbing stamina, speed and pacing. Plus an increased power to weight ratio.

Suitable for: All Levels

Endurance Enhancer

Start Date: 14th October 2024

Duration: 8-weeks

Benefits: Improved endurance, better pacing and enhanced efficiency to ride smarter for longer on those higher mileage days.

Result: Increased average speed and stamina on long endurance rides. 

Suitable for: All Levels



"As a result of the programme I have completely changed my approach to training. I am now more considered and targeted which, with a busy life, now makes training time easier to find. Highly recommend a training programme with Njinga."

Dmitroy Popov

"I improved my climbing power by 42 watts. The detailed approach the data analysis spreadsheet provided was great plus, the information on the programme website - from delicious healthy weekly recipes to detailed coaching instructions. I would highly recommend."


"I went up 30 watts and improved my FTP from 227 to 257W which was past my stretched target. I put on leg muscle and felt fitter. The best thing about the programme is Togo invests in you and wants you to get better. He cares and then you start caring too.”


"Committing to 2 x 1 hour sessions each week was easy to manage and both sessions were always superb. Not only did I gain a fast amount of knowledge on training efficiency, cycling techniques and power building, I also saw my FTP increase 32 watts over 8 weeks. A great achievement!"

What's Included?

On-Bike Coached Sessions

Recommended Weekly Outdoor Endurance Rides

Nutrient Dense Recipes

Access to Online Training Platform

Experienced Cycling Coaches

Rider Data Analysis

Benchmark Testing

Group Support and Accountability

 Coach Call

Post Session and Weekly Stretching

Fortnightly On Demand Coach Tips*

28 Day Meal Plans*

* Option to upgrade

How can we help you?

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Whether you’ve recently got into cycling or you’re a seasoned Sportive rider, Njinga Cycling has a programme that will improve your riding.

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