Has your cycling fitness taken a dip over the winter months? 

This cycling training programme will fix that.

This is NOT just an 8 week training plan on a print out. This is a live and interactive coach led experience, with group motivation and accountability that guarantees results.

Get expert coaching and guidance on training, nutrition, and recovery, so you are equipped to push past your limits and achieve your personal best.

This online training programme is suitable for ALL rider levels as you will work within your own specific training zones.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • "I want a training option that will give me results if I can only commit a minimum of 3-5 hours a week."
  • "I am looking to kick start my new year training but lack the motivation and knowledge on where to start."    
  • "I have signed up for a cycling challenge later this year and need help with my training."
  • "I've been training on my own on Zwift and other applications but not seeing improvements or any meaningful gains." 
  • "I need help to improve my endurance and ability to cycle longer and faster."
  • "I need a coach to keep me motivated and engaged but can't justify paying for 1-1 help."
  •  "I struggle to get my nutrition right on the bike and tend to suffer from fatigue and low energy on different rides."
  • "I lack mental resilience and can back out when things get hard. I need regular coach feedback."

If yes, we can help.

Our programme will solve these issues and unlock your true cycling potential.

"No matter how much you think you're doing, the coaches always seem to get that little bit extra out of you, even if you didn't think it was there!"


What is a Njinga Programme?

  • Our all-inclusive online training programmes incorporate all aspects of our TRAIN | FUEL | MIND philosophy to transform your cycling in just 8 weeks.
  • Each week you will benefit from 2 x 60-minute progressive, online group interval training sessions (coach led), a recommended longer outdoor ride, expert nutrition guidance, essential stretching routines, and mindset training for a fully comprehensive cycle training experience.  
  • Receive additional expert coaching and guidance from our experienced cycling coaches, with real-time rider feedback via our online cycling software. (For deeper insights and personalised data analysis, opt for our platinum upgrade).   
  • Choose between live coaching, immersive replay, or a blend of both for ultimate flexibility. 

Programme Benefits

Why Do an Njinga Programme


 Receive live coach feedback including ways to improve during each training session so you get results from day one.


Get your accurate power data for specific timed intervals within a session to track improvements on a detailed scale, week on week.


 Training with others and being pushed and motivated live by our coaches will have you working harder than you do on your own.


Benefit from the team spirit, encouragement and support of a great community. We commit 100% to ensure YOU achieve your individual targets.

Programme Details


January 2024

  • Start: Monday 8th January 2024
  • Live On-Bike Sessions: 19h30 GMT every Monday and Wednesday*
  • From 5 hours a week

* Can't make Mondays and Wednesdays? Join our SILVER option below.

what do i need


  • Indoor Trainer or Indoor Bike (Essential): Must be able to project speed, power and cadence 
  • Device to download cycling software (Essential): PC, Mac or tablet and a USB ANT+ Receiver or Bluetooth
  • Outdoor bike (Essential): To complete weekly ride out.
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Highly Recommended)
  • Power Meter (Recommended but not essential): For use on outdoor rides
  • Exercise Mat (Recommended but not essential)

What's Included

Designed specifically to benefit cyclists who are looking to improve their cycling fitness and be able to ride faster for longer.

Two x 60 minute coach led structured and progressive indoor training sessions a week. Plus 2 x 20 minute coach led post ride stretch routine.

Recommended weekly outdoor ride to improve your endurance and build up fitness and strength. 

Get weekly easy to make, delicious and nutrient dense recipes to boost energy levels and/or aid recovery.

Contains setup information, weekly training sessions, coach tips, programme resources to aid rider performance and much more.

Programme led by experienced British Cycling certified coach and 3 time ex Team GB Masters road cyclist.

Track key performance metrics each week including: power, speed, cadence, heart rate and distance.

Pre and post 8 week benchmark testing providing you with accurate performance markers.

Ask questions and get support from fellow cyclists via the programme WhatsApp Group.

If you follow all our recommendations, complete the entire programme and see no results.

We will analyse your riding position and make recommendations to optimise your indoor set up.

Get coach support and personalised feedback on your performance data via video every 2 weeks from head performance coach.

Specifically designed to work around your training so you are fuelling correctly on the days you need it and recovering properly on your days off.

* Option to upgrade

"The stats speak for themselves, I’ve improved my 20 minute FTP score by 60 watts (241-301 watts) since working with Njinga. On top of that I improved my 30 second max power from 300 watts to over 950 watts. The training works!"




8-week Improvement: 30w
Njinga FTP Test: 227-257w

“I completed the online FTP Accelerator Programme. I’m 48, love my beer, and not the greatest self-motivator for exercise, however, to have Togo invest his time and experience in me just makes you feel motivated to push yourself, discover what you are capable of, and want to get better. Loved it.”


8-week Improvement: 17w
Njinga FTP Test: 214-231w

"Having the flexible online option was great in providing flexibility to train when I could whilst still generating the motivation from the coach and energy from those doing the live sessions. The programme delivered improvements in my climbing strength and stamina on the bike which exceeded my expectation."


8-week Improvement: 22w
Njinga Climbing Test: 166-188w

"I have just completed my first Njinga training programme and I cannot rate it highly enough! My power output increased significantly and I learnt a lot about pushing myself mentally. The coaching, support and encouragement was top notch. It was worth every penny and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any level of cyclist."


8-week Improvement: 17w
Njinga Escalating Test: 127-140w

“The programme improved my overall performance, not only physically but mentally too. During the last session I felt light and strong and in control of my power and time and to me, it meant that I was doing something demanding in a right way. I was an online member of the sessions, yet I felt like I was right there with the team."

We've trained 1000's of cyclist of all levels over the last 11 years.
Are you ready to be our next success story?

Who's the Coach

"We are here to help you improve your cycling, regardless of what level you are at right now. As a British cycling coach, Wattbike performance coach, personal trainer for endurance athletes and with a background in nutrition, I know what is involved when taking on an exciting challenge.
We want to ensure you get results fast by providing training solutions that best fit your goals, are effective and most importantly, keep you motivated and accountable.

I look forward to working with you."


Head Performance Coach

Qualifications and Experience

  • GB Masters Road Cyclist 
  • British Cycling Coach - Level 1 & 2 Road & Time Trials (Level 3 Road & TT in progress)  
  • Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer 
  • Holistic Nutritionist 
  • Wattbike Certified Performance Coach
  • Skilled ultra distance cyclist (300+ kms rides in one day)
  • Ex mountain biker and adventure race junkie 
  • Experienced multi day road racer in Europe 

"I was sceptical about being in an online training programme but it was great. What tops it all is great coaching. Highly recommended. Chapeau to the Njinga Team."



100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE - If you think this programme can help you even just a little bit, you can enrol risk-free. We guarantee that if you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations, and can prove that you've done so, you'll see improvements or get your money back. That's our commitment to you.



Or 2 payments of £108

Most Popular



Or 2 payments of £160



Or 2 payments of £210

2 x 60-min online indoor group training sessions a week 

Via immersive online replay

Live Online

Live Online

20 minute post-ride stretch 

Recommended weekly ride out

30 min group coach call to start

WhatsApp group for support

Extra time to finish the programme

1 extra week

2 extra weeks

2 extra weeks

Option to pay in 2 instalments

Weekly online endurance session

Weekly deep stretch video

Recorded nutrition workshop

Njinga Cycling Academy members

Save 10%

Save 10%

Credits to catch up missed sessions

4 replay credits

6 replay credits

Personalised coach feedback and data analysis via video fortnightly

Fortnightly coach tip videos on key topics and pain points

28 day meal plan (Male & female)

Remote bike set up video analysis

Still on the fence? To put your mind at ease, Njinga Head Coach Togo has answered 6 common questions he get asked about our Njinga programmes here



  • 2 x immersive online replay sessions a week  
  • Recommended weekly ride out 
  • 1 x 30 min group coach call at start
  • WhatsApp group for support and questions
  • An extra 1 week to finish the programme
  • Option to pay in 2 instalments of £108  



Everything in Silver plus:

  • 2 x live online sessions a week (Instead of replay)
  • 1 x bonus online replay session a week  
  • Weekly deep stretch video   
  • Recorded 60 min nutrition workshop 
  • 4 x replay sessions to catch up on any missed live sessions
  • An extra week to finish the programme
  • Option to pay in 2 instalments of £160 
  • Njinga Cycling Academy Members SAVE 10%



Everything in Gold plus:

  • Individual data analysis and feedback from head coach via video fortnightly 
  • Fortnightly on demand coach video tips  
  • 28 day meal plan (Male or female)  
  • Remote bike set up analysis via video
  • Extra 2 x replay credits to catch up missed live sessions 
  • Option to pay in 2 instalments of £210
  • Njinga Cycling Academy Members SAVE 10%

Need Advice? Book a FREE coach call.

Not sure if this programme is for you? Or do you need advice on the best next steps to improve your cycling? Let us help you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

An indoor trainer (All require a road bike to connect; some work with the rear wheel in and others work on a drive train system without rear wheel. Examples include Wahoo Kickr V5 or Core, Tacx Neo or Flux and Elite Suito to name a few. Alternatively, you can complete the remote programme on an indoor bike that can project cadence and power (same applies for the indoor trainer). Examples include Wattbike Atom, Wattbike Nucleus, Wattbike Trainer/Pro and Wahoo Indoor bike, etc.  A Peloton Indoor bike will not work as their data is protected unless you put power pedals on their indoor bike.

You will also need a laptop or tablet to download the remote software, ANT+ receiver, comfortable cycling kit, water bottle, heart rate strap and a sweat towel.

Our 8-week programme is suitable for riders of all levels interested in increasing their cycling performance by sustaining a higher power output for longer resulting in an improved lactate threshold. All results will be achieved in a structured and progressive environment.

We use training software that allows you to monitor your real time power or power to weight data during any timed intervals within a training session. This enables you to accurately track your progress by setting precise benchmarks to maintain and improve upon.

The immersive replay sessions allow you to complete your sessions at a time that suits you. Your LIVE rider stats will slot into the immersive leaderboard as if you are doing the session live with other riders. This allows you to still be able to "ride against" other riders in a group on the progamme, giving you the motivation to stay focused and working hard while being pushed by others.

In the initial 30 minute coach call you will get support around your goals and training numbers and how to use the data to support your training, recovery sessions and other key topics. This call also gives you the opportunity to ask the coach any questions you have.

This programme has been designed to finish in 8 weeks. We know from experience that life can get busy so we will give you access for an additional one week for silver and two weeks for gold and platinum level. After this you will lose access. Why do we do this? We are all about getting results and to do that you need to stay consistent and focused with your training. If you miss too many sessions in a row you lose the performance gains and momentum, and you can drop off completely. We want you to have the best chance of success so by removing access after 10 week we want to encourage you to stay on top of your training and stay consistent! 

Our head performance coach, Togo Keynes will be coaching this programme. With over 10 years experience working with cyclists of all levels, both in person and online, he guarantees you will see results. Check out his full bio on our About page.

If you opt for the platinum package you will also get a thorough review of your indoor bike set up. You will send us a video of your current set up and we will provide detailed feedback in terms of recommended changes to improve comfort and performance. 

If you opt for the platinum package you will also get a detailed video from the coach every two weeks analysing your performance data, providing you feedback on key areas to focus on, how you should be attacking the sessions based on your current numbers and any other feedback that will ensure you are improving week on week. This option really helps provide individual detailed support to get the most out of a group coached programme. 

There will be approximately 2 x 60 minute on-bike training sessions each week. We also recommend following the sessions with a 20-minute post session stretch. On top of these compulsory sessions each week there will be a recommended outdoor endurance ride. If you opt for the gold or platinum package you will also have other additional recommended sessions to complete each week.

Key performance metrics will be sent via email including accurate power data for intervals within sessions, total average power, power to weight, speed, cadence, heart rate and distance. Plus a percentage of power and HR zones utilised. We have then put together a data analysis spreadsheet for you to enter you power data into for each interval. This will help you to track performance improvements week on week and see how you compare for each individual interval, allowing you to see what areas you are improving on and where you fall short. The coach will also be tracking your data to help support you through the programme.

If you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations – and, most importantly, prove you've done so – and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100% of your money back. No strings attached.

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