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Been thinking of signing up for a Njinga Training Programme but not sure? We address common concerns and why it's the best thing for your cycling.


We know your goal is to get stronger and faster on the bike. That's why we created our signature Group Indoor Cycle Training Programmes that guarantee just that! Our extensive coaching experience over multiple years has enabled us to refine our 8-week training plans into a winning formula that generates guaranteed performance gains. We commit 100% to ensure YOU achieve your target. Factual evidence and rider testing data, pre and post programmes do not lie. 

On average our programme success rate has generated a minimum 10.4% improvement and our last programme achieved an impressive 22-watt average increase in FTP scores across all 14 riders. If you want results, this will be the best investment in your training.

Don't just believe us, hear from one of our riders, Ruth, on how a Njinga 8 Week Programme helped her prepare for her big cycling event.

Rider Performance improvements from week 1 to week 8 on our 8 week  FTP Booster Programme


We are so convinced our Training Prgrammes work that if you follow our recommendations and don't see any improvements we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  

That means if you think this programme can help you even just a little bit, you can enrol risk-free, knowing that you're either going to see results or you're going to get your money back. There's no in-between. That's our promise to you.


Our programmes are the perfect solution for riders looking for an all-inclusive and comprehensive step-change in their performance:

1. You are more committed! It is the regularity of just showing up twice a week for 2 months that gives you momentum in your training.

2. Our programmes are more than just a class, they are a progressive coaching and motivational 60 minutes - The structured and progressive nature of our training programmes will help take your riding to new levels and leave you surprising your friends as you drop them on the climbs.

3. The camaraderie of the same riders motivates you to push even harder - Time and time again we hear our programme riders say it is the other riders that help them get the most out of the programme. You will develop a great team camaraderie with a small group of like-minded riders that will help motivate you to achieve your goals, commit to your weekly training and get the best out of you.

4. You get the full package including data analysis, pre and post-testing to track how far you have come & nutrition support - Covering all areas of our training philosophy, our programmes will teach you how to train smart to increase your speed on the road and the distance you can ride. The nutrition elements will also help you understand when to fuel, what foods you should eat to avoid bonking and also ensure you never find yourself short of energy.

5. Hands-on coaching by British Cycling & wattbike performance coaches every step of the way to ensure you achieve your goals and build mental strength and power on the bike. 

6. Receive Pre & Post benchmark testing, providing you with accurate markers to track improvements.   

Hear from our rider Matt on how he benefited from our Training Programmes.


We understand 8 weeks is a long time to commit to and things can get in the way like a business trip, pre-planned holiday or family emergency so we offer a minimum of 4 floating credits to attend a dynamic recording of the missed session (your data will appear onscreen with the other riders who attended the session as if it was live and you were there with them).

If you are still sitting on the fence debating if a training programme will really have an impact on your cycling, read Tom's incredible journey

View all our Live and On demand training programmes here 

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