“Njinga's multi-week programmes provide great metrics, an incredible amount of knowledge and, above all else, the chance to share your progress and successes with a great group of riders with whom you build great camaraderie.”  

Read on to discover how the Njinga's coaching, support and community helped Monie complete some awesome challenges including conquering Mont Ventoux and qualifying for the UCI Grand Fondo for her age group.

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Achievement Highlights


Conquered Mont Ventoux twice in 24 hours, covering 73km with 3,110m of climbing.


Improved time by 2 hours in 2 years and qualified for Gran Fondo World Champs in age group.


Completed Giro de Sardegna, a whopping 300km 6 day stage race, with 4400m of climbing.


Conquered Cat 1 climb, Rocacorba, in Girona on our Challenge Ride No.3.

A Journey Ignited

The journey began with a call to challenge myself – a London to Paris charity ride to honour a friend. I’d run a marathon, climbed mountains and completed other athletic feats before but this was new.

In preparation, I bought my first road bike, along with a new pair of cycling shoes, pedals and cleats. But with these purchases, my confidence began to fade.  

Njinga: A Chance Discovery

A search for cycling coaches led me to Njinga Cycling, a fortunate find that turned into a life-changing experience as a call back within minutes led to private coaching sessions with Togo Keynes, Njinga's Head Coach.

Togo took me through the basics, I mastered the dreaded cleats and began to ride with joy and confidence.  

"Through a series of private outdoor coaching sessions, Togo coached me through the basics of efficient road cycling: riding in cleats, pedal technique, shifting gears, ascending, descending, the joys of butterfly hills and even nutrition."

Monie enjoying her riding and taking on an Njinga Challenge with help from Njinga Outdoor Coaching

Monie completing an Indoor Training Session at Njinga..

Structured Progression

The rhythm of indoor Wattbike sessions with Njinga blended with participation in multi-week training programmes, unlocked a treasure trove of metrics, invaluable knowledge, and genuine camaraderie with fellow riders of varying fitness levels.

"This was all underpinned by the concrete evidence of progress demonstrated through improving FTP test numbers."

Academy to Sportives: Embracing Challenges

The Njinga Cycling Academy nurtured my growth, fuelling my desire for challenges that extended to embracing numerous sportives, from Mallorca training trips to Njinga Collective rides and camps in Wales.

They all played a part in transforming my skills and confidence which lead to sportive finishes that surprised even myself, and culminated in age-group qualification for the prestigious UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

"Njinga helped me cut my time for the Tour of Cambridge by 2 hours."

Monie on the Njinga Training Camp in Wales.

Monie Conquering Mont Ventoux twice in 24 hours.

Summiting Mont Ventoux

The pinnacle of my cycling journey so far was undoubtedly Njinga’s Challenge Ride No. 2 to Mont Ventoux, a momentous feat that surpassed my expectations.

I scaled the iconic ascent not once but twice (73km with 3110m of climbing) which was a testament to perseverance, willpower, and the power of structured training.  

"Before I arrived, my aim was to complete one ascent of the iconic climb. But when it came to the actual day, I surpassed all my expectations!"

A Legacy Beyond Numbers

Beyond the records, Njinga forged a tribe of kindred spirits, a community that transcends numbers on a power meter, transforming the journey into something more profound – a rekindling of joy, a testament that age is no barrier to achievement, and that Njinga's guidance propels transformations.

Monie with celebrating completing the Giro de Sardegna with the other Njinga Riders.

Monie was crowned the Njinga Rider of the Year.

Joining The Njinga Tribe

My story is a testament to the power of Njinga. Embodying the ethos that goes beyond cycling, rewriting boundaries, embracing challenges, and evolving beyond my expectations.

"Njinga is more than a cycling experience."


Improved an incredible 66 watts from 174w to 240w in just 18 months.


Increase from 2.46 to 3.59w/kg. An increase of 46% in less than 18 months.


Completed first 100 miles in July 2019 in a time of 7h47m.


Took on the Mallorca 225 cycling challenge and conquered it in tough heat conditions.

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