Why outdoor coaching?

From learning to ride in cleats to fine tuning your descending, we can help you.

 Whatever your current cycling experience is, from beginner to elite, everyone will benefit from our outdoor coaching sessions.

Everyone has that one skill they struggle with and sometimes a 60 minute session focusing on just that, getting the skill broken down and explained in a way that makes sense to you, can make the world of difference.  Our coaches will help boost your confidence on the road, improve your performance and ultimately transform your riding.  

We're here to make sure you really enjoy your cycling and feel safe and confident in any conditions.

Key Cycling Skills You Will Improve

Climbing & Descending

Knowing the correct body position, how and when to use your gears and other important techniques to improve your efficiency when climbing or descending can dramatically increase your speed (and confidence). Whether you are looking to get a KOM on a local climb or just keep up with the group, it's well worth perfecting.

Cornering & Braking

So many amateur cyclists lose ground by not cornering effectively and then burn valuable energy trying to rejoin the group. Cornering safely, correctly and smoothly can make a significant improvement to your ride. Do you need help optimising your cornering?

Cleat Masterclass

If you’re new to cycling and haven’t used cleats before, this is the first step to becoming a "real" cyclist. As daunting as it is for first time users, mastering cleats can make all the difference when applying power into the pedals and improving your bike handling skills.

Mounting & Dismounting

It sounds basic and for some it may be... but a crucial first step to improve your bike handling skills is feeling confident getting on and off the bike, safely and comfortably.

Group Riding

How close is too close, how far is too far? Understanding how to draft correctly will seriously reduce your energy expenditure on the bike. It's also about trust, communication and riding safe. We will teach you the finer points of rider etiquette and technique to ensure you gain maximum benefit from being in the group.

Pedalling & Gear Selection

The importance of good gear selection is often felt too late as the group leaves you standing when they accelerate off, or you hit a climb only to find your legs grind to a halt or spin out in too easy a gear. Mastering your gear selection will dramatically improve your speed and efficiency on the bike.

Rider Testimonials

"Having just completed 2 outdoor sessions focusing on cleats and bike handling skills I am now feeling so much more positive about getting out on my bike! Njinga were great - really encouraging and supportive, and we worked at a pace that was challenging yet comfortable. The whole team at Njinga are so welcoming, it is great to be part of a community where there is no judgement, just an eagerness to help and see everyone improve. Like I said, I love it!!"

- Catherine Twidle

"I recently completed a series of outdoor coaching sessions with the Njinga Academy and it has been really helpful in building up my confidence to tackle outdoor and group riding. The skills sessions on the importance of the right gear selection for hill climbing and descending hills at speed have built up my technique week on week! I'm loving that I feel much more comfortable now and really enjoy the longer rides. The coaching provided by Njinga is supportive as well as challenging and aims to take you out of your comfort zone."

- Kat Stevens

"I signed up with Njinga after my first group ride showed me I had a fair bit to learn. Working with Togo was an incredible experience. We rode together and he quickly assessed some areas where I needed work, showed me some cool tricks and as a result, I feel much more comfortable climbing. It was a real masterclass in an hour well worth the cost. Togo is a master of his trade with insights that I have incorporated into my rides. I would highly recommend Njinga and Togo to anyone looking to become a better cyclist! Top team!"

- Luis Claudio


Please note - all of our On-Bike Skills Coaching Sessions take place in SW London in quiet local areas where safe coaching can take place.


    • - Valid 3 months from purchase
    • - Add additional rider for £20
    • - Instruction, demonstration, drills, exercises: training tailored to your precise needs
    • - Detailed review of your riding specifying strengths, weaknesses and suggested areas to work on
    • - Coach works at your pace. Sessions are designed to build you up, rather than break you down

 1 x Session



We coach most days of the week so contact us if you can't find a slot online.

 SAVE: 3 x Session



SAVE £60 when you buy three sessions.

We coach most days of the week so contact us if you can't find a slot online.

Have Questions about our on-bike skills coaching sessions? 

Book in a call with our Head Coach to start building confidence on the bike with Njinga Cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

For an On-Bike Skills Coaching session you will need to ensure you bring the following with you:

- Roadworthy Road Bike (Brakes must be checked, tyres pumped and chain oiled.)
- Helmet. No helmet no session unfortunately.
- Cycling Shoes with cleats (if using)
-Comfortable cycling relevant clothing (Nothing too big or loose fitting that may prohibit safe cycling)
- Gloves
- 1 full water bottle
- A spare inner tube and pump in case of puncture
- An energy bar or snack.

Everyone is at different levels of experience and confidence and has their own unique challenges or concerns they want addressed. We work with you to understand what your goals are, what area you want to focus on and how we can make the most difference to your cycling. We then create a session that will provide you with the most value and address these areas with expert coaching and advice. Contact us today to have a chat about how we can help you.

We offer one off sessions and we also have packages available.

The majority of our cycle training takes place in London and Surrey and in particularly within Richmond Park.

We cover any aspect of your cycling that you wish to focus and improve on. Whatever your ability our British Cycling Coaches can help you. Whether you are looking to ride in cleats for the first time, learn to ride within a group, want to know how to save energy and draft in a peloton, improve gear selection, ascending, descending and anything in between we can help you.

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring a friend along. Each additional cyclist is only £20 and we can have MAX of 4 cyclists in a session.

You can find availability of all our On-Bike Skills coaching sessions by following the book now links above. If none of the available times work for you, please drop us a note and we will try and arrange a more convenient time for you.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so please let us know as soon as possible if you can’t make a session otherwise you will unfortunately forfeit your credit.

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