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Working to your correct training zones/ intensity levels is important in order to improve your cycling performances. But what do they mean?

All of our Group Cycle Training Sessions at Njinga are based on power training zones.

Working to your own up-to-date training zones is imperative to training smart because it means you’ll be pushing hard enough during intervals and training at a sustainable output for the duration of your session.

If you have not completed a Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP) then you will work to Njinga Perceived Level of Exertion (NPE). This rating of perceived exertion is a subjective score from 1-10.

The scale ranges from 1 (Light activity) all the way through to 10 (maximum activity).

Here is a breakdown of the different training zones we will be using during our group cycle training sessions and how they relate to % of your FTP score and NPE scale.

Working to NPE is a subjective scale and therefore each day can vary for a given power output. For example, holding 100 watts can feel 3/10 on the scale one day and perhaps 5/10 the next.

Therefore we do strongly recommend completing an FTP Test and having an up-to-date FTP score so you have accurate training zones which will allow you to get greater benefits out of each of our cycle training sessions.

To give you more clarity on each level of the scale and what you should feel at each level on the scale:

The most important power training zones and key numbers, once you have done your FTP Test, for our cycle training sessions that as a minimum, we recommend you memorise are:

- Mid Zone 2 (65% of FTP Score)

- Top of Zone 2 (75% of FTP Score)

- Sweetspot range (90-92% of FTP Score)

- FTP (100% of FTP Score)

- 105% of FTP Score

Helpful ways to view your training zones during the sessions include:

- Bike Computer (Garmin/Wahoo, etc) - Upload your zones into this device

- Print Out & Laminate your zones and then punch a hole in one corner and tie it to your handlebars

- Add To Water Bottle – Stick your zones on it for easy reference

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