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No matter what level of rider you are, FTP Testing is essential. Discover why and the benefits of completing a Remote FTP test with Njinga.

FTP Testing is crucial to ensure you are training smart, allowing you to maximise the performance gains you can achieve by getting an understanding of your accurate training zones. An FTP test effectively provides a measure of your current fitness levels and stands for Functional Threshold Power. In principle, your FTP score is the maximum power you can sustain for an hour and is measured in watts.


FTP tests are important for many reasons. Below are some of the key benefits of completing an FTP:

- Understand your current ability level so you can track your progress accurately,

- Establish your personalised training zones for heart rate and power,

- Calculate your anaerobic threshold so you know the point where lactic acid starts to accumulate in the bloodstream – If you stay in this zone too long you will fatigue,

- Discover your power to weight ratio numbers – The best indicator of your cycling performance,

- Measure your cardiovascular fitness,

- Analyse your pedal technique (If using a Wattbike).

Find out more about the benefits of an FTP test and how they can improve your cycling here.


Now we have established why an FTP is important…what are the benefits of completing a Remote FTP test with Njinga? Surely, I can do this on my own? 

See our top 8 benefits below and why we disagree:

1. Added Motivation – We know it can be hard to find the motivation to do an FTP test. Often it just gets put off completely, or you struggle with the motivation to keep pushing to your max over the whole 20 minutes, leading to inaccurate results. However, working in a group environment or with a coach 1-1 or both, has proven you get better results and will keep you motivated to perform at your best. The Njinga coach will support you throughout the remote FTP Test, providing both motivation and encouragement throughout. Every cyclist that rides with us says they work 10-20% harder than on their own. If you are completing your remote FTP Test with us in a group environment then you get the added benefit of seeing all the other riders’ data too and what better than a little competition to keep you motivated?

2. Live Data on Screen – Our remote FTP Tests are done through our Spivi cycling software, so you get to see your live power, live average power, calculated FTP score and cadence during the test. (The bonus, if you've done a remote FTP test with us before, it's really easier to see how you are pacing as your FTP score number goes green if you are tracking higher than your previous FTP score). 

3Structured 14-minute warm-up - The 20min test includes a warm-up to ensure your body is ready to perform at high intensity for the duration of the FTP Test.

4. FTP strategy with a coach – The coach will talk you through different strategies and ways you can approach the 20 minutes. We know everyone is different and there is no set way to complete an FTP Test. Your coach will guide you through the different options so you can choose what works best for you. A clear strategy and plan in your head will help keep you focused throughout the 20 minutes and if the coach also knows your strategy, they can help to keep you on track.

5. FTP test calculator – Prior to any remote FTP test you do, you will be sent an FTP Test calculator to complete. This will help you work out the average targets you would like to hit every 4 minutes. The FTP calculator will then calculate your 20min average power and what FTP Score you would get as a result. Knowing these targets ahead of the test will ensure you keep on track through each shorter interval and hit your overall target successfully. 

6. Coach Advice – The coach will be on hand throughout a remote FTP Test to answer any questions or queries you may have before getting started. (if you are able to ask any questions during the test, you are clearly not working hard enough!) The remote FTP Tests are not only run through our Spivi software but also through Zoom, so the coach is able to see your riding form and posture. The coach will provide feedback and advice to help maximise your performance during the 20-minute test.

7. Njinga FTP test report – A comprehensive test report will be emailed over to you after every remote FTP Test. The test report will contain your power training zones and heart rate training zones (If you were wearing a heart rate strap throughout the test). These training zones are essential to enable you to train smarter and improve faster. 

. Upbeat, motivational music – You will also be able hear music through the Spivi Software to help keep you motivated during the 20-minute test. (If you prefer to listen to your own music and coach audio only, this is also possible).

If you Train Smart and test regularly, you will see results faster! To find out more and to book a Remote FTP Test click here.

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