“I genuinely thought I’d never get anywhere near my power numbers again, let alone surpass them. But throughout it all, there has been one constant, and that’s the support of the Njinga family.”  

Read on to discover how the transformative power of working with us helped Fiona achieve her best performances despite hip surgery and setbacks. Hear how the supportive Njinga community and expert coaching helped Fiona break records and exceed her own expectations.

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Achievement Highlights


Achieved the highest female FTP score recorded in the Njinga Lab of 236w.

Official Tour of Cambridgeshire photo taken by Sportograf


Qualified for UCI Gran Fondo World Champs, finishing 4th in her age group at the Tour of Cambridgeshire.

Official photo from the Women's Racing League


London Women's Racing TT League Road Bike VET winner 2018 (1st in age Group in 4 out of 5 TTs)


Cycled 1564km with 20,850m of climbing in 16 days, along the way conquering some iconic climbs including Puy Mary (1783m) and Ventoux (1910m).

Before Njinga: Overcoming Adversity

When I was diagnosed with advanced bilateral hip arthritis, it seemed like my athletic pursuits would come to an end. I used to participate in sprint triathlons, where cycling was the only part I really excelled in.

But in 2014, I had to face the harsh reality of stopping running. To preserve my left hip, I underwent a complex surgery called open hip dislocation and debridement. It was a tough period, but I was determined to remain active, so I turned to road cycling as a recommended non-impact sport.

Enter Njinga: The Road to Recovery

A few months after my surgery, I stumbled upon Njinga. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try and hopped on the wattbike. Little did I know that this encounter would become a pivotal moment in my journey.

I started participating in Njinga's indoor wattbike sessions regularly, gradually regaining my fitness under the guidance and support of their coaches.

"I also joined the Njinga Collective, a remarkable community of cyclists that added a new dimension to my training."

Fiona completing a session on a Wattbike at the Njinga Lab.

Fiona had a long road to full fitness as she recovered from her hip operations.

Tragedy Strikes Again: Second Hip Surgery

Unfortunately, despite my efforts, my left hip continued to deteriorate. It became evident that a total hip replacement was necessary. The second operation was successful, but it wasn't smooth sailing from there. I faced complications and challenges during my post-op recovery.

Tears, frustration, and endless rehab exercises became a part of my daily life.

There were dark days when I wondered if I would ever be able to ride a bike properly again. Sitting in the saddle for more than an hour seemed like an impossible task, and numbness in my right leg and foot persisted.

Dark Days Turn to Triumph

Yet, against all odds, I defied my own expectations. In 2018, I achieved something incredible with Njinga  – I set a new lab record for the highest female FTP (Functional Threshold Power) score of 236w. Surpassing my previous power numbers was an unbelievable feat.

But beyond the numbers, it symbolised a personal triumph. What people don't see is the struggle I faced away from the bike. Cycling became my refuge, allowing me to hide the difficulties I experienced while walking.

"It was a way for me to feel "normal" again, physically and mentally."

Fiona achieving a new Lab record FTP score.

Fiona ride captaining a group on a Njinga Collective ride down to Brighton

A Family and Community of Support

Throughout my entire journey, one thing remained constant: the incredible support of the Njinga family. The co-founders, Togo and Leigh, always made time for me, even if it meant simply spinning my legs during sessions. The Njinga coaches played a crucial role in building me back up during the programmes, pushing me further week after week.

The Njinga Collective, including the other Ride Captains and fellow riders, provided a network of encouragement and inspiration. It was a tight-knit community that uplifted and motivated me, allowing me to witness remarkable achievements by others.

Epic Adventure - St. Malo to Nice

In 2022 I took on an epic adventure of cycling from St. Malo to Nice in 16 days, covering 1564km/972 miles and climbing 20,850m/68,405 feet. It was the most wonderful way to travel across France; such beautiful and varied scenery with the joy of riding on empty roads.

There was so many highlights - from riding up to Mont-Saint-Michel, rolling through the Normandy countryside, the Loire Valley vineyards, the never ending aroma of Lavender in Provence and the breathtaking Gorges de Verdon - just a few of too many to mention.

I’m not sure how we survived the brutal heat, let alone continued to ride in temperatures approaching 115 degrees. But our final day included a magical descent on the Clue de Gréolières before reaching journey’s end on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, downing a quick glass of champagne and promptly throwing ourselves into the Med. 

Fiona at the submit of Mont Ventoux on her epic cycling adventure across France.

Fiona on her adventure cycling across France

Njinga: Making the Impossible Possible

Throughout my journey, I've learned the value of patience and listening to my body. I've come to focus on what I can do rather than worrying about what I can't. And in recent months, everything has come together once again.

I've surpassed my initial goal of returning to cycling, thanks to the unwavering support and encouragement from all of you.

Each day, I reflect on the scars that serve as a reminder of my journey and feel incredibly fortunate to be doing what I love.

I know that there's more to come, and I eagerly look forward to the future, thankful for the help and inspiration I've received from the entire Njinga community. 


Improved an incredible 66 watts from 174w to 240w in just 18 months.


Increase from 2.46 to 3.59w/kg. An increase of 46% in less than 18 months.


Completed first 100 miles in July 2019 in a time of 7h47m.


Took on the Mallorca 225 cycling challenge and conquered it in tough heat conditions.

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