To become a stronger and more efficient cyclist.

Looking for those marginal gains on the bike? At Njinga Cycling we offer Rider Assessments (Testing) and Rider Improvement (Skills & Technique) Sessions all to help you improve on the bike. Discover the range of services below.

Got a question about our rider assessments?

Read our FAQs where we have put together answers to the most common questions we get asked.



A FTP or Functional Threshold Power test is a cycling performance measure to calculate your accurate power and heart rate training zones by pushing you to your limit over a 20 minute period. Testing FTP performance will give you the chance to improve your pacing strategy, track your training progress and improve faster. It may sound painful but we highly recommend it. Read more on the benefits of doing an FTP test and how to prepare.


This test is an incremental power test to exhaustion where the target wattage increases by a set amount every minute until you can go no more. The results from the test will give you your maximal minute power (MMP), an estimated VO2max and your max heart rate (MHR).


Our comprehensive MOT is the full once over that every cyclist should complete. We review your cycling fitness, pedal technique, range of motion and mobility, balance and stability, nutrition and core strength. In assessing these, we help identify your key areas of weakness, what's holding you back and also give you greater clarity on what you need to work on to see the biggest improvements in your cycling.


Knowing and understanding your power numbers is crucial when wanting to see improvements on the bike.

 Testing is not only great to track changes in your fitness and strength over time, but it also allows you to train smarter both indoors and on the road. Our comprehensive fitness tests and assessments are fantastic for setting benchmarks and to fully understand your current strengths and weaknesses. These tests will ensure that you’re training effectively and progressing towards your goals.


on bike skills coaching

Whether new to riding or an experienced cyclist, everyone can benefit from fine tuning some key cycling skills. From riding in cleats right up to gear selection, cornering and riding in a group, getting these skills right can have a major impact on your enjoyment and performance on the bike.



Our coaches will provide a detailed analysis of current riding technique, identify what's working well and what needs improvement, providing tips and advice to improve your technique to ultimately make you a more efficient cyclist. A more efficient pedal technique means less energy wasted. This in turn means you've got more power spare to ride faster, harder and for longer.


Reviewing your current riding and pedalling style will make you a more efficient cyclist.

With millions of pedal revolutions and countless miles on the bike, it’s paramount that you have your pedal technique dialled in. Through analysing your pedal technique and bike position, we will be able to suggest changes that will lead to improvements in endurance and power output, whilst also reducing your chance of injury. In a 60-minute session with one of our British Cycling coaches, your pedal technique will have greater efficiency, and your position will be more comfortable.  



    Ensure you rest properly 24 hrs before test

    45 min testing slot includes structured warm up and 20 min test, with coaching and support provided during

    Full test report including power output (watts), cadence (rpm), heart rate (bpm) and your specific training zones 

    Bring cleats, water bottle, sweat towel and heart rate monitor (if you want heart rate zones as well as power training zones).




Valid one month from date of purchase
Add an additional rider for £20




Valid  seven months from date of purchase


    Ensure you rest properly 24hrs before test

    45 min testing slot includes structured warm up and 20 min test, with coaching and support provided during

    Full test report included 

    Bring cleats, water bottle, sweat towel and heart rate monitor (if using).




Valid three months from date of purchase
Add an additional rider for £20




Valid three months from date of purchase
Add an additional rider for £20


    The 1-hour assessment will include:

    - Power Testing
    - Pedal Technique Testing
    - Range of Motion Assessment
    - Balance and Core Strength Review
    - Current Nutrition Protocols, before, during and after exercise
    - Training Goals and Feedback

    Bring cleats, water bottle, sweat towel and heart rate monitor (if using).




Valid for three months from date of purchase.


    Each session is 60 minutes long.

    Contact us to add an additional rider to the session for £20.

    Bring cycling clothes, water bottle and either trainers or Shimano SPD MTB and Look Keo pedals available. Or bring your own pedals.




Valid for two months from date of purchase




Valid for three months from date of purchase


Book in an introductory call to steer your cycling journey in the right direction.


"I did a 60 minute pedal technique session with Njinga, and it's improved me more than anything else I can think of in years. The wattbike analysis quickly revealed that my technique was pretty poor, even though I cycle a lot. This was easily fixable and after some practising the better technique has become second nature.  In the week after going I improved my average power over 45 mins by about 10% and took 90 seconds off my lap time for Richmond park. Well worth a look if you're looking to improve."

- Tom Ashworth

"Had a number of hours of one-on-one coaching with Togo. The speed at which he diagnosed technique changes and provided drills and little mental tips was invaluable for improving my cycling. Massive thank you, I intended to continue the coaching. Highly recommend the investment."

- Michael Rogers

"This is a fantastic place for cyclists of all abilities and I would highly recommend. Whilst Togo is relentless, his passion is so encouraging and motivating, and he is totally respectful of the stage you are at. Recently, my husband and I completed a pedal technique course at Njinga. As an amateur cyclist, I naturally had lots of areas of improvement but even my husband (cyclist of 40+ years) found it incredibly helpful. Njinga just want you to be the best cyclist you can be and will help you get there."

- Sue Hartley


For In-Lab Access:
For each session at the Njinga Lab you will need to bring with you: A sweat towel, A water bottle - Ideally with electrolytes in, comfortable cycling clothes, a heart rate monitor (if you have one) and cycling shoes. If you are completing a test w
e also recommend you bring a snack with you for afterwards.

For Online Access:

An indoor trainer (All require a road bike to connect; some work with the rear wheel in and others work on a drive train system without rear wheel. Examples include Wahoo Kickr, Tacx Neo, Elite Suito. Alternatively you can complete the remote sessions on an indoor bike that can project cadence and power (same applies for the indoor trainer). Examples include Wattbike Atom, Wattbike Nucleus, Wattbike Trainer and Wahoo Indoor bike, etc. 

You will also need a laptop or tablet to download the remote software and to run Zoom software off, ANT+ receiver, comfortable cycling kit, water bottle, heart rate strap and a sweat towel. 

The Wattbikes have Look Keo pedals, Shimano SPD MTB pedals and also cages for normal trainers. If you have different cleats, we will allow you to change the pedals for a 1-1 session. Check out images below if you are unsure what cleats you have.

We have introduced a number of new procedures as our number 1 priority is to make sure you and your fellow riders are kept as Covid-19 safe as possible.  

We are following all the guidelines that have been put in place by our Governing body UK ACTIVE. We do please ask everyone attending a session at the Njinga Lab to read our Covid-19 Protocols carefully so you understand what you need to do when attending The Lab. 

If you have a coded heart rate monitor we recommend that you bring it with you. We work with Polar, Garmin, Suunto and other ANT+ straps. If you have a Garmin or ANT+ strap you will need to know your unique HR code. To access this on your watch or bike computer, go into settings under heart rate and look for sensor details to get your unique HR code. This code will be needed to identify your HR amongst all the other riders. Don't panic if you can't find it, we'll help you but you must arrive at 10 minutes before the session.

For In Lab Sessions
Please don't arrive more than 10 minutes before a session - We won't be able to let you in unfortunately due to our Covid-19 Protocols.

If it is your first session we ask that you arrive the full 10 minutes before your session is due to start so you can be introduced to the Wattbike and be fully set up. Once you have been set up for the first time you will only need to arrive 5 minutes before the session starts to ensure you have time to set up your own bike so the session can start on time.

For Online Sessions
For online sessions we recommend you access the software 5 minutes before the session is about to start. As a reminder to do this you will need to click the 'Live' icon at the bottom of the Spivi Home Software screen and then you should see a link to join the Njinga session. If nothing is showing on your screen, make sure you're correctly booked into a session. 

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and is a measure of your current fitness levels.

Whether you are a beginner cyclist or experienced rider you will all be able to benefit from a FTP test. The FTP test will allow you to establish your training zones for your heart rate and power. You will then be able to use these power zones during your indoor sessions to ensure you are training at the correct intensity and ensure that you are pushing yourself to the right limits.

The test itself is 20 minutes with a structured warm up carried out before. 

We recommend re-testing approximately every 6-8 weeks to ensure that your training zones remain accurate.

For a better idea of when you should re-test and for a few pointers that you may find useful visit our blog.

The FTP and Ramp tests are all out effort so we recommend that you do not exercise the day before or on the day of the test to make sure you are well rested.

After you complete your test we will send you a detailed report with your new training zones for heart rate and power, your new FTP score and other key pieces of data including power to weight and cadence.

You can find availability of all our rider assessments by following the book now links above. If none of the available times work for you, please drop us a note and we will try and arrange a more convenient time for you.

We have changing facilities at the lab but unfortunately we don’t have any shower facilities. Therefore if you plan to sweat, and we hope you do, pack a towel to freshen up afterwards.

However due to our current Covid-19 Protocols we have in place our changing rooms are unfortunately out of action at the moment. We ask that you please arrive in your training kit ready to train. We have added extra hooks around The Lab and near your bike stations to hang up coats and other extra layers.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so please let us know as soon as possible if you can’t make a session otherwise you will unfortunately forfeit your credit.

No problem. We have storage for your bike at the lab whilst you ride.


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