Get access to the same live data experience as if you are in the training lab with us, plus access to post-session performance stats, all from the comfort of your own home. 


All our Online Group Training Sessions are held remotely through our performance software, Spivi Home. 

See below for a step by step guide on how to get set up and join a live session. If you are experiencing difficulties connecting or having any issues for example experiencing incorrect speed/distances or can't connect to Strava etc check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

Please note: The software is compatible with both MAC, PC and iOS and Android tablets.  




Access to a PC, MAC or tablet to download the software.


An indoor bike or trainer with sensors that project power and cadence.



Once downloaded, log into the Spivi Home software to access the main menu screen. 

(This is the same password you use to login to purchase/book sessions.) 


Ensure all necessary USB (ANT+/BLE) receivers are connected to your computer. Not sure which receiver you need? 

Please note that Bluetooth USB sticks are only necessary if you plan to use a Windows PC to run Spivi Home.
If you use a Mac PC, and you are running MacOS v1.1.14 or later, then you do not need to purchase a BLE USB stick, as macOS v1.1.14 supports native Bluetooth.

If you need an ANT + receiver. we recommend this one


If you plan to use any external sensors, make sure that they are already installed on your bike.

If you want to pair an ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor/strap, be sure to turn the heart rate monitor ON and wear it.

You will also need to add the heart rate monitor/strap code separately into your Spivi profile on the Spivi Booking App

Whilst on the Spivi booking App we also strongly recommend updating your profile by adding your weight and FTP score (If known), so you can see the correct figures during a training session.


Click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner, then select the “Pairing” icon at the bottom of the screen.


Ensure your bike is turned on and you are pedalling when trying to pair your bike.

Likewise, ensure you wear your heart rate monitor and it is powered on if applicable. 

All detected sensors will then appear, which should include cadence, power and speed for your smart trainer/bike and if applicate your heart rate monitor too.


Select “Pair” to pair the sensor to the software. 

You will know that the sensor is paired when there is a green line in the box, and the box is registering your live data.



Return to the main menu by clicking on the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner.

When you've booked into a session, access the software 5 minutes before the session is about to start. 

You will need to click the 'Live' icon at the bottom of the screen and then you should see a link to join the Njinga session. 

If nothing is showing on your screen, make sure you're correctly booked into a session. 


 Hover over the session box and Click join.

You can check you are correctly paired while waiting to start as your personal data block will be green and the various data icons that are paired will be displayed under your name. If it is not showing, exit and attempt to re-pair.

You'll be able to hear the audio via Spivi on your PC or MAC so make sure you have external speakers or headphones handy if your volume is low.

Enjoy the session.


If you find the volume needs adjusting on Spivi Home, follow the steps below:  

STEP 1: Click on the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner on the Spivi Software Home page, then select the “Settings” icon at the bottom of the screen.  

STEP 2: Select 'Audio' on the list and then adjust the volumes on the right-hand side of the screen.


If you are noticing your live speed and/or distance travelled data in sessions is looking unusually high or low, then you will need to adjust the wheel circumference in Spivi Home.

STEP 1: On the Spivi Home Software, you will need to go to the Pairing screen and find your speed sensor. You will then need to click on the cog in the top right-hand corner of the sensor box.

STEP 2: A screen will then appear where you can change the wheel circumference. Unfortunately, Spivi can have some challenges reading signals from some trainers so you may need to keep making small adjustments until the data is showing correctly and the live data in sessions looks correct.


All performance data can be accessed through the Spivi Home software, the Spivi booking app or via email.

i) VIA SPIVI SOFTWARE: Click on the 'workout' icon on the bottom right of the main menu and all your past workouts will be displayed in date order. Click on the workout you would like to view your stats for. Then click 'Show More'.

ii) VIA SPIVI BOOKING APP: Open the Spivi booking app and click on 'Stats' on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. All your recent workouts will be displayed and you can click on the workout you want to look at your stats for.

To make sure your data is saved correctly at the end of each session, please always end your session correctly: 

1. Wait for the cooldown timer to expire, and let the software redirect you to the main menu before exiting the software

2. Or, terminate the workout session by pressing the 'Stop' button on the menu (next to the emojis).


You can use your heart rate via Bluetooth but be aware it is not so reliable as ANT+ so there could be potential dropouts.

Note that by pairing with Bluetooth and not ANT+ you will be able to see your heart rate numbers on a bike computer if you have one. However, you won’t be able to see the data on the screen live during the sessions, which means your coach won’t be able to see the numbers either. Also, your heart rate numbers will not be part of your post-session rider data that gets emailed to you.

Connection Issues: If you are using Bluetooth and having issues connecting, make sure nothing else is connected to Bluetooth, as it only allows one single connection. Be especially mindful of Bluetooth headphones. If they are connected, the Spivi connection via Bluetooth will NOT work.


If you would like to link your sessions to Strava you will need to access your Spivi Account through the website rather than through the app.

STEP 1: Click on 'account' on the left-hand navigation bar

STEP 2: Under Spivi Class Settings, you will see Strava. Click on 'link Accounts'.

STEP 3: Go in and enter your Strava username and password and it will link up all your workout data to Strava within 15mins of the training session finishing. It is super easy.


If you are having issues connecting, please read the below (we generally find the ANT + connection to be more stable as it allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously.)

    *  Check the top right hand corner of the Spivi pairing screen and make sure the correct ANT + or Bluetooth icon is illuminated, depending on what set up you are using. If this is not highlighted correctly, your system is not picking up the signal. Check all receivers are plugged in and working correctly and if needed, try restart device.

    * If  you are using Bluetooth and having issues connecting, make sure nothing else is connected to Bluetooth, as it only allows one single connection. Be especially mindful of Bluetooth headphones. If they are connected, the Spivi connection will NOT work.

    * If your data drops during a session like loosing the power/cadence/hr etc, this is usually caused by local setup and RF interference, see the link below for more info:

      * Make sure your ANT + or Bluetooth receiver is close enough to the bike and there is nothing interfering with the signal.

      * Make sure your Internet signal is strong enough in the room you are set up in. You can run a test here:

      * If you experience internet connection issues, you will be disconnected from the session. When you are disconnected you will appear alone on the road, during this period the software will try to reconnect to the live session again.

      * Finally, check your Privacy settings, if these are all selected, none of your data will show on screen,

      * If you are still having issues, please email us below at least 1 hour before session starts so we can help you. We will unfortunately not be able to troubleshoot with you once the session has started.