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We guarantee you'll work harder and smarter in our LIVE coach led, motivational environment and get results. Here is why:

Coach led

Each LIVE session is lead by a British Cycling coach (and competitive cyclist) who has extensive coaching experience, providing live feedback on your performance and giving you valuable insights and ways to improve in real time.


 We use training software that allows you to monitor your real time power or power to weight data during timed intervals within a session. This enables you to accurately track your progress by setting precise training benchmarks to maintain and improve upon each week.


Training on your own is hard! Our clients consistently say that when training with other riders and being pushed and motivated by our coaches, they produce at least 20% more power. Our programmes guarantee performance gains or your money back.


Everyone benefits from the team spirit, encouragement and support of a great community. No matter what level of rider you are or whether you are joining us in person at the Njinga Lab or online from home we commit 100% to ensure YOU achieve your target.

Don't just believe us, hear from several of our riders below on how a Njinga Group Training Programme has helped them improve their cycling performance.

Njinga Programmes


Our FTP based group training programmes not only focus on improving your FTP scores but also your stamina and endurance to help you be able to ride longer and faster and also recover quicker.



Our climbing based group training programmes focus on improving your leg strength through low cadence drills to improve your climbing ability and prepare you for any upcoming hilly sportives or events.


All Time Top Achievers

Mei- Ling Lancashire

Mei-Ling holds our all-time female FTP Improver record at an impressive 65 watts.
Mei-Ling joined our training programme as a recreational cyclist looking to get ready to take on Ride London for the first time and increased her FTP to 218 watts at the end of our 8-weeks.   Not only has she improved phenomenally but Mei-Ling is even more inspiring as she has recently recovered from cancer.

Testimonial: “Being able to do online live classes from home was a game changer. It encouraged me to push myself and focus on improving power and technique. One of the biggest lessons for me was around nutrition and how to fuel to train. I saw big improvements weekly and by week 4 my FTP was up by 37W. On outdoor rides I was amazed at the difference it was making. .” 

Simon Butler & Shayne Hoyne

Shane and Simon both hold our all time male FTP Improver record at a staggering 78 watts.

Shane, an intermediate rider joined our 8 week training programme to prepare for his challenge of cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats (Over 1650km in 14 days with 18,000m of climbing).He smashed his goal and has since become a regular in the Lab.

Simon, committed to 8 weeks of training to help him take his fitness to new levels, improve his top end power and also get him back into a regular routine with his training. Who knew he would see such great results, finishing with an FTP of 285.  

FTP Based Programmes - Rider Improvements



The average FTP score across all in-lab programme riders was an incredible 25 watts over the 8 weeks.


 The most improved FTP score across the programme was a massive 57 watts.


 Over the programme in-Lab riders increased their 3 x 1 minute average power by a remarkable 36 watts.



The average FTP score across all online programme riders was an incredible 17 watts over the 8 weeks.


 The most improved FTP score across the online programme riders was a massive 36 watts.


 Over the programme our online riders increased their 3 x 1 minute average power by a remarkable 29 watts.

Danny Cox
Intermediate (Online Rider)

Danny joined his first multi week programme with Njinga in January 2020 and has not looked back since. Danny has since done 3 further 8 week training programmes with Njinga (Both Online and In the Njinga Lab) to help keep his training focused and on track.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 216 watts (January 2020)
Current FTP Score: 308 watts (March 2022)

Results: Njinga training programmes have not only improved Danny's FTP score by a massive 92 watts in the last 2 years, Danny has also lost over 6kg, improved his power to weight to over 3 watts/kg and also taken his outdoor riding to new levels. Danny's performance improvements are not slowing down and we are incredibly proud of how far he has come.

Testimonial: "Love every minute of the Njinga programmes! The advice from Togo and the team is invaluable and their online platform is easy and VERY useful with recipes, advice and training tips to assist throughout the programme. I would highly recommend Njinga programmes to anyone - you won't regret it."

Bea Antas
Beginner (In Lab Rider)

Bea is fairly new to road cycling and joined one of our FTP based programmes for her first-ever experience of structured training. Bea came to Njinga with a low fitness level, but has really developed and her numbers continue to improve.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 71 watts (October 2021)
Current FTP Score: 127 watts (March 2022)

Results: Bea completed her first training programme with Njinga and improved her FTP score by a massive 38 watts. Bea gained confidence in her cycling, increased her strength, power to weight and all round cycling fitness. Since then Bea has gone on to complete another training programme and again increased her FTP score by an impressive 18 watts.

Testimonial: "Njinga's training programmes are great and will help you improve your cycling skills at all levels. You will also be surrounded by great people."

Cathy Bell
Intermediate (In-Lab Rider)

Cathy first started training with Njinga in 2017 as a relatively new cyclist and started by completing regular in-lab group training sessions. In 2018 Cathy received a devastating cancer diagnosis and after fighting back she completed her first Njinga training programme in January 2019. Since then Cathy has completed multiple Njinga programmes and taken her cycling to new levels.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 146 watts (August 2017)
Current FTP Score: 182 watts (December 2021)

Results: Cathy has done 3 multi week Njinga programmes in 2021 and as a result has improved her FTP score by 25 watts in 8 months! Cathy has also enhanced her pedal technique and now has the confidence to take on many cycling challenges.

Testimonial: "I can't recommend Njinga Cycling enough. I've just completed an 8 week performance booster programme which was superbly organised, with a great on-line platform full of useful information and a Google doc to record our weekly achievements. Togo is really motivating and supportive and it's great training in the lab with the same group of people."

Paul Arscott
Beginner (In-Lab Rider)

Paul came to us as a beginner rider looking to improve his fitness and lose some weight. Paul signed up for an Njinga 8 week training programme where he made incredible gains in his cycling. Since then Paul has been completing regular classes at the Njinga Lab to keep his improvement gains.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 87 watts (January 2022)
Current FTP Score: 129 watts (March 2022)

Results: Paul increased his FTP Score by an incredible 42 watts in just 8 weeks thanks to Njinga's FTP Accelerator training programme. Paul also managed to improve his top end power by 29%.

Testimonial: "The Njinga FTP programme was excellent, well structured, and highly motivating. I feel stronger, fitter, healthier and motivated to continue at the Njinga Lab."

Luis Claudio
Intermediate (In-Lab Rider)

Luis came to Njinga in August 2020 looking to improve his cycling. He signed up for a 1-1 training plan with our Head Coach Togo and has not looked back since. Luis has gone on to complete back-to-back multi week training programmes with Njinga and he is reaping the rewards.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 178 watts (August 2020)
Current FTP Score: 260 watts (March 2022)

Results: Luis performances are continually improving and in 18 months he has already improved his FTP score by over 80 watts. We are so proud of the cycling journey Luis has been on in the past year and a half with Njinga.

Testimonial: "I would highly recommend Njinga and Togo to anyone looking to become a better cyclist! Top team! Great programmes, I’d recommend without reservations!"

Emma Freeman
Intermediate (Online Rider)

Emma starting training with Njinga at the start of 2021 and has continued to make great strides forward. Emma first started with us on a 1-1 training plan and has since completed multiple 8 week Njinga training programmes.

1st FTP Score of latest programme: 138 watts (January 2022)
Current FTP Score: 170 watts (March 2022)

Results: Over the course of our latest FTP based Njinga training programme, Emma increased her FTP score by an incredible 32 watts in just 8 weeks. Emma also increased her top end power by over 6%.

Testimonial: "The coaching during the programme was outstanding, the group interaction and encouragement really built camaraderie and the sessions delivered improvements week on week. Really enjoyed it and the results were worth the training!"

Nick Hadfield 
Beginner (Online Rider)

Nick first joined Njinga as part of a 8 week structured and progressive FTP Accelerator programme. He came to Njinga to improve his fitness and power but also his ability to train consistently.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 219 watts (January 2022)
Current FTP Score: 234 watts (March 2022)

Results: Nick improved his FTP score by 15 watts over the course of our 8 week FTP Accelerator programme. He not only improved his FTP score but improved his top end power too, seeing an increase of over 10% in his 3 x 1-minute sprint efforts.

Testimonial: "I have improved my insight into how to train more effectively and efficiency and the programme was an all around confidence booster. Thanks to all at Njinga."

Paul Cox
Intermediate (Online Rider)

Paul first joined Njinga at the start of 2020 and since then continues to hit new milestones in his cycling. From achieving a 300+ watt FTP score, losing over 15kg and improving his power to weight by over 35% Paul continues to impress us.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 258 (January 2020)
Current FTP Score: 326 watts (March 2022)

Results: Paul has increased his FTP score by 68 watts since he started training with us 2 years ago. His performances don't look like slowing down either as he improved his FTP score by another incredible 19 watts in our last 8 week training programme.

Testimonial: "Njinga is brilliant. They are always there to give myself and others encouragement and I feel they really do want to get the best out of you. Their structured programmes fast track you into becoming a better cyclist. It’s that simple. Highly recommend!"

Jose Martinez-Campos
Beginner (In-Lab Rider)

Jose started training with Njinga back in 2016 and has completed several Njinga programmes and training sessions with us at the Njinga Lab. Jose really benefits from having other riders around him to push him to his best numbers and his performance is constantly improving.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 194 watts
Best FTP Score: 256 watts

Results: Jose improved by a whopping 27 watts in his latest 8 week FTP based programme with Njinga. Since training with Njinga Jose managed to increase his FTP score by an impressive 62 watts as he took his fitness and cycling to new levels.

Testimonial: "The Njinga programmes are the best thing you can do. Training on my own I could not get the motivation or the same level of energy I got by coming to the Njinga Lab. It's not just the Njinga team but all the friends you meet on the programme too. I can recommend Njinga programmes completely to anyone."  

Ed Hall
Intermediate (Online Rider)

Ed has been training online with Njinga for just over a year and has really benefited from our remote training programmes giving him the option to train from home with the added benefit of training with others.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 202 watts (January 2021)
Current FTP Score: 286 watts (March 2022)

Results: In his first training programme with Njinga, Ed increased by an incredible 71 watts over one of our 8 week training programme - One of the biggest ever improvements we have seen in an eight week programme. Since Ed first started training with us he has improved his FTP by a staggering 84 watts.

Testimonial: "The programme platform was a great addition. Very professional, thorough and easy to use!"

Rachel & Shireen
Intermediate (In-Lab Riders)

Rachel and Shireen are both regular sportive riders who came to us with an already high level of fitness but still saw big improvements from completing an eight week Njinga programme and Njinga training sessions.

Rachel's 1st Njinga FTP Score: 152 watts (January 2016)
Best FTP Score: 184 watts (February 2019)

Shireen's 1st Njinga FTP Score: 139 watts (January 2019)
Current FTP Score: 150 watts (February 2019)

Results: Rachel has increased her FTP score by 32 watts since she has started training with us and has attended Njinga training sessions to keep her fitness gains up. Shireen joined one of our Njinga programmes as a new member to Njinga and managed to improve her FTP score by 11 watts over the 8 week Programme.

Testimonial:  "I really enjoyed the programme and learnt a lot about my cycling, my thought processes and my fitness. Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm, I have lots of happy memories of the last 8 weeks."

Ali Gilbert
Immediate (In-Lab and Online Rider)

Ali joined Njinga back in 2016 after she was no longer able to keep up with her husband. Ali joined Njinga to increase her fitness levels and after completing regular group training sessions and Njinga training programmes Ali has worked hard and accomplished many amazing achievements.

1st Njinga FTP Score: 147 watts (October 2016)
Best FTP Score: 176 watts

Results: Ali has improved her FTP score by 30 watts since training with Njinga and has also gone on to accomplish some big cycle challenges which she never would have thought of doing before Njinga. Ali completed Ride London in 6 hours and 15 minutes, completed a 6 day stage race in Sardinia and has conquered many iconic climbs abroad.

Testimonial: "The online programme platform is brilliant and so is the data analysis. I felt like I had a very clear focus each time I came to the Lab and was able to review my numbers and see progress every week!"    


Hear from Tom and discover how he went from low motivation and focus to a 30-watt increase in his FTP score.

Climbing Based Programmes - Rider Improvements


Note: Female rider (age 42) saw a power to weight improvement of 13.6% from 3.43 to 3.89

Note: Male rider (age 57) saw a power to weight improvement of 10.7% from 3.17 to 3.51

Fiona Inskip
Experienced (In-Lab Rider)

Fiona first started at Njinga as part of her rehab after hip surgery and slowly built her fitness levels back up with thanks to our Njinga programmes and group training sessions. With Njinga's support and training Fiona has been able to completely surpass her goals and dramatically improving her riding.

1st Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 253 watts
2nd Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 274 watts

Results: Over the programme Fiona managed to increase her average power for the 7 minute Mountain Goat test by 21 watts and take her power to weight over 3.8 w/kg.

Testimonial: "The Njinga programme sessions are brilliant and the structured training has really improved my cycling. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Togo and Njinga. It doesn't matter what your ability, you can train in a way that suits you in a welcoming environment; if you just want to get a bit fitter, it's a great workout, and if you want to meet new cycling buddies, it's the perfect place."

Mark Huggins
Intermediate (In-Lab Rider)

Mark joined Njinga for our 8 week Power Climber programme with the focus on improving his fitness, climbing ability and his weight. Mark was already an experienced road cyclist but thrived by following a structured and progressive training programme.

1st Njinga Mountain Goat Score: 322 watts
2nd Njinga Mountain Goat Score: 405 watts

Results: Mark improved his mountain goat weighted average by a staggering 83 watts over our 8 week Power Climber Programme.

Testimonial: "Really enjoyable and friendly atmosphere to improve your cycling fitness, lose weight and get ready for the summer riding season! I improved by over 80 watts over the 8 weeks! Highly recommend NJINGA!"

Katrina Osborne
Beginner (In-Lab Rider)

Katrina came to Njinga as a novice rider looking to improve her fitness and all around cycling performances ready to take on the iconic 100 miles of Ride London later in the year.

1st Njinga Mountain Goat Score: 171 watts
2nd Njinga Mountain Goat Score: 210 watts

Results: Katrina made a staggering 39 watt increase in her weighted average across both a 7 minute and 3 minute Mountain Goat interval over 8 weeks. This was the highest female improvement score seen on the programme and Katrina's also managed to improve her power to weight to over 3.2 w/kg.

Testimonial: "I have just finished the Power Climber Programme and already feel as though I have made improvements in my strength, fitness and stamina. I made my gold target and improved my wattage over the last 8 weeks and really enjoyed being able to do a third session at the lab each week. It has helped focus my training for Ride London."

Tony Harris
Experienced (In-Lab Rider)

Tony is an experienced road cyclist and joined our Mountain Goat programme to improve his climbing ability. Despite coming into the programme with an already high fitness base and strong climbing performances, Tony made big performance gains over the 8 week programme.

1st Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 317 watts
2nd Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 345 watts

Results: Tony improved his average power in the 7 minute Mountain Goat test by an impressive 28 watts.

Testimonial: "Just completed the 8 week mountain goat programme to kickstart my training for the new year. I was a little sceptical that I would see a significant increase over that time period, however I just completed my test and have pushed up my average power score by over 25 Watts for the 7 minute interval. I feel stronger and way more controlled and with better pedal technique now when climbing. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!"

Gary Dean
Intermediate (In-Lab Rider)

Gary has been a regular Njinga rider since 2016 and completes regular group training sessions to keep his fitness level up. In order to improve his leg strength and take his climbing to new levels Gary joined our 4 week Mountain Goat Programme and it lead to further improvements to his cycling.

1st Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 205 watts
2nd Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 227 watts

Results: Gary made an impressive 22 watt improvements in his 7 minute Mountain Goat interval over just 4 weeks.

Testimonial: "The programme has been a real boost for me and has helped me commit to my training when I usually struggle for time. I was really pleased with the outcome."

Ben Molyneux
Experienced (In-Lab Rider)

Ben came to Njinga as an already strong and experienced cyclist but looking to take his hill climbing performances to new levels and therefore joined our 4 week Mountain Goat programme.

1st Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 380 watts
2nd Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 401 watts

Results: Ben improved his mountain goat score by an outstanding 21 watts over our 4 week Mountain Goat Programme.

Testimonial: "The programme is pitched at the perfect level for pushing you and also encouraging you. The programme has given me new ways to think about my cycling."

Clare & Katherine Liley
Mum and daughter (In-Lab Riders)

Clare and Katherine (mother and daughter) joined us for a 4 week Mountain Goat Programme. Clare an existing Njinga member was already a strong rider but came into the programme looking to improve her climbing. Her daughter Katherine joined her on the programme to help improve her cycling confidence and what a transformation they made.

1st Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 235 watts
2nd Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 246 watts

1st Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 
161 watts
2nd Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 167 watts

Results: Clare and Katherine improved by 11 and 6 watts respectively in the 7 minute Mountain Goat interval at the end of the Njinga 4 week climbing Programme.

Testimonial: "Overall the programme has been a really positive experience, it has been a confidence booster and really improved my mental strength. Don't be intimidated to do a programme."

- Intermediate Rider
- In-Lab Rider

Nick arrived at Njinga with a lot of cycling experience but looking to improve his cycle performances further. Nick completed multiple Njinga structured and progressive training programme and regular training sessions to improve his cycling. To improve his leg strength he also completed our 4 week Mountain Goat Programme.

1st Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 334 watts
2nd Njinga 7 minute Mountain Goat Score: 340 watts

Results: Nick saw a 6 watt power increase in his 7 minute Mountain Goat interval over 4 weeks.

Quote: "I really enjoyed the programme and it has been really good for my climbing and has improved my endurance. This has given me the confidence to go out and really push on."

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