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Find out how our 8 week training programmes helped riders get ready for this epic challenge.

At Njinga, our primary focus is training riders for a wide range of exciting cycling challenges and events. Over the years, our indoor progressive training programmes have always been the perfect preparation.

Our recent trip to the Mallorca 312 cycling event is proof of just that.

The Mallorca 312 is an internationally renowned cycling event held annually on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain (one of our favourite places to cycle). The event offers three distances for participants to choose from: the 312km ultra-endurance route, the 225km classic route, and the 167km.

Cyclists from around the world flock to Mallorca each year in late April or early May to take on the challenging terrain, stunning scenery, and unpredictable weather conditions that make the Majorca 312 one of the most popular cycling events on the calendar.

This year we took a group of our riders, some of whom had just completed our 8 week Climb Faster programme, to this epic challenge, and they all did us proud.

For many of our riders it was the first time doing an international event, especially one involving such long distances.

For a number of them, including me, training for the Mallorca 312 event predominantly took place indoors, with just a few outdoor rides to supplement our structured training programme.  Read on to see how we got on...

"My biggest training weakness is I am a fair weather rider. I really struggle with the cold and wet. "


"My worry doing a big ride relatively early in the season was I knew I had to do most of my training through winter.
I therefore joined both our 8-week indoor programmes, which included a build phase to improve my FTP in Jan/Feb and a strength phase to improve power and climbing ability in March/April.  

I may be biased but I found these programmes to be highly effective. The Climb Faster programme gave me the confidence to do the Mallorca 167, as I felt strong and the climbs were my ideal climbing gradient, between 5-6 %. I found a pace I knew I could maintain from the programme and then just sat in and enjoyed it as much as I could!  

The ride was fantastic, the scenery and camaraderie was first class. Next year I'm thinking the 225.

Come join us."

"What clicked for me was fully taking advantage of the data, tools, and resources provided."

Monie Lindsay

"Njinga’s Climb Faster programme, was for me, the best out of their consistently great programmes.  It was tough, fun, and produced results.

What clicked for me was fully taking advantage of the data, tools, and resources provided (coach tips, nutrition) on top of a brilliant programme and course structure. The ‘proof in the pudding’ came with the Mallorca 167.  It was my longest event to date and with 2400 metres of climbing!  It was incredibly tough and exhilarating.  

There is no doubt in my mind that the programme was key in my ability to successfully complete the route – especially given the relentless rain, limiting my outdoor training in the months prior to the event."


"All Togo's tips around breathing, pacing etc. really helped."

Matt Drake

I thought the Climb Faster programme was great to make me stronger for the mountains.  Definitely improved my seated power and helped me make sure I remained calm on the climbs - All Togo's tips around breathing, pacing etc. really helped.

The ride itself was amazing but hard with the temperature. I also found the feed stations stressful.  It brought home though the importance of hydration and fuelling.  I didn't suffer any cramps the whole ride because I hydrated properly (thanks Togo).  

The mountains were stunning and the weather amazing. Would highly recommend."

The atmosphere on the day was electric, with an early start for breakfast at 4:30 am and a long wait in the pen before the ride began.

However, the long wait was worth it as the route was spectacular, with winding, smooth, traffic free roads.

Total elevation for the three routes was, 5050m,  3973m and 2475m, so some punchy time in the saddle. But what goes up- must come down and amongst the highlights was a perfect 14 km traffic free descent from the top of Puig Major into Soller.

Our only gripe on the day was the lack of water at the feed stations.

Given the hot weather, there was just not enough water and food, and our riders had to stop in small towns to refuel. It was so hot, even Togo had his first full fat Coke in over 10 years.  

“I found combining indoor training with the Njinga programme was the ideal way to train for the event.”

Hilary Insall

Hilary, another rider who joined us for the event, found that combining indoor training with our programme was the ideal way to prepare.  She regularly did reps of Box Hill, with her longest training ride being no more than 80 miles.

“The Climb Faster programme was transformational and gave me the strength and confidence to do the Mallorca 167. I will be back for the 312 next year and back on the Climb Faster programme too.

It was a spectacular ride, with breathtaking scenery and a strong sense of camaraderie."

"I felt good at the finish line, so let's do it again next year?”

Otso Huovinen

Otso, who finished the full distance, found the Njinga Academy to be an invaluable asset for the Mallorca 312.

" I just finished the full Mallorca 312km distance and felt strong doing it. Training with the Njinga Academy really helped as these longer sportives require effort in a variety of areas, not just the pedalling.

The strength & core programmes helped with my posture on the bike and with climbing; deep stretch sessions then helped with flexibility - and did their share keeping any cramps away.

Nutrition and hydration is really key for these longer rides in warm conditions. Finally the structure of the climbing programme  really helped to focus on specific areas of training.

Such  great resources and value from the Academy for a sportive that's truly one of the big ones.

Let's do it again next year."

Despite the weather challenges, our Njinga riders did us proud at the Mallorca 312. Well done to the following:

Mallorca 167: Monie, Hilary, Will, JJ, Leigh, Pete, Rachel
Mallorca 225: Matt, Cara, Julian, Tony
Mallorca 312: Otso, Togo  

With the right training, fuelling, and gear, anyone can take on and conquer this epic challenge.  And our programmes can help you to build strength, confidence, and endurance.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join us for the Mallorca 312 event next year and take your preparation for your cycling event to the next level with Njinga Cycling.

Can't wait that long? Check out our next Challenge in October as we head to Greece.



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