Over the last 12 months as a team, we have been doing a lot of planning, refocusing and thinking about what is important to us all, both personally and as a business.   The last 2.5 years have been challenging and we were hit hard during Covid, closing for over a year.
Despite this, we continued to look at the positives and worked hard to adapt and develop our online offering to stay afloat.

It also made us realise how much we missed travelling and spending time with our families who are dotted all over the world.
What we really missed was flexibility.   Our Lab lease is up at the beginning of December and it prompted us to really think hard about renewing and being tied in for another 8-12 years. We have therefore made the difficult decision not to renew. This was not something we took lightly but has been something we have been working towards for a while.  

The Lab has been our honeypot for so long, the hub of our inspirational community and the place we have met the most incredible people, making lifelong friendships. The Njinga Lab is more than just a training facility, it’s brought together people from all walks of life to create lifelong memories. We have shared Njinga marriages, Njinga babies, trained people who never thought they could do it – until they did, raised thousands of pounds for charities and helped maintain the mental health and fitness of so many. It’s also the place we introduced the world to homemade chocolate energy balls. :-)  

So what does this mean?  

Njinga is NOT closing, just re-focusing…  

With the growing costs associated with running a physical premise and our desire for more flexibility, we have spent the last few years building up an online training and coaching offering (the Njinga Cycling Academy) which we will be focusing on more heavily going forward. Our 1-1 coaching is going from strength to strength, and we will also continue our cycling trips, outdoor coaching, the Collective and our corporate events. Even typing that we realise that’s a lot for a team of only three to manage, so removing the extra pressures and time commitments of the Lab on top of that will free us up to really focus on and build the services we will continue to offer to allow us to support amateur cyclists with big ambitions.  

We also acknowledge that by being so stretched we have lost a little bit of what Njinga really is for us and what we want it to be for you, our amazing clients, so we promise to work hard to ensure we don't lose the community, the support and the friendships that we have all built up over the last 8+ years. Mostly we want to continue to enjoy what unites us all, the freedom of getting out on our bikes and riding with like-minded people.    

We are exceptionally proud of what we as a team have created and have had the most fun doing it.

Finally, and most importantly. THANK YOU.  

THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has been a part of our lives for so long. We will continue to build on the incredible team spirit that exists amongst all our riders - The high fives after a tough session, seeing gel blocks being shared around a class before a tough interval, the best pain faces ever but most importantly the laughs, the support, and the inspiration you all shared with us and the bigger community.  

We have welcomed sisters and brothers, moms and daughters, husbands and wives, advanced riders, newbies with no cleats and weekend warriors. With the addition of our online options, we are now working with cyclists in Cornwall, Staffordshire, Essex, Sheffield, Wales, Devon, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and we are excited to welcome even more riders into the Njinga family.    

If you have any other questions or just want to chat, please do drop us a note.  

Hope to see you soon.

Leigh and Togo xx    



Ride and train alongside your fellow riders at The Lab. These sessions are specifically designed to help you improve on the bike and to become a better rider. Experience a cycling training session like never before.

Can't make an In-Lab session, join us online from home.


Whether you are after specific testing or are unsure what areas of your riding you need to work on, our range of tests will help guide you. We offer:

- MOT Rider Assessments
- FTP Test
- Max Ramp Test


Not quite comfortable with your position, or want to improve your pedal technique to become more efficient on the bike? Sign up for one of our Rider Improvement Sessions today. We offer: 

-  Pedal Technique Coaching (individual or group)



We have 13 Wattbikes with adjustable features so you can replicate your perfect riding position.

The Wattbikes have built-in power meters, allowing you to train to specific zones and providing accurate data for you and our coaches during every session.



Starts Monday 21st June 19:30

Our Signature 8-week group training programmes are guaranteed to do just that, or your money back. Our next programme, The Sportive Conqueror is focused on building your muscular endurance, anaerobic strength, threshold stamina and cardiovascular fitness. 

Suitable for all rider abilities, Available In Lab or online.



Once restrictions have eased and The Lab is fully opened up again, alongside offering a full schedule of sessions, we hope to host events, live talks and corporate days for our Njinga riders and friends.

 We will be opening up the Njinga Cycling kitchen as soon as it's allowed - ready for you and your friends to relax after a gruelling training session or ride, along with some delicious recovery shakes and snacks.

Njinga Bake off winner 2018 - Catherine Twidle



Starts 10th January 2021.


An 8 week live online programme designed to help build muscular endurance, strength and stamina.


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