“On my most recent event, London-Paris, my performance was directly enhanced as a result of Njinga’s coaching.”  

Read on to discover how 1-1 VIP Njinga coaching has helped provide accountability, structure and valuable insights to Greg’s training in order to enhance his cycling performance.

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Achievement Highlights


Completed London to Paris, a whopping 520km with 5044 metres of climbing and rode at the front of group 2.


Lost 10 pounds since working with Njinga (170 lbs to 160 lbs).


31-watt increase from 209 to 240 watts between Nov 2019 and June 2021, with ongoing training geared towards sustaining this level.


Completed the 150km route with 700m of climbing through rolling hills in Canada.

The Difference Njinga has Made

My approach to cycling has changed dramatically since signing onto Njinga back in November 2019 just as the pandemic was intensifying. I've spent almost four years working remotely with Togo and Njinga from Canada, during which time everything has been sharpened up, ranging from my game plan for weekly rides to nutrition, dropping weight, thinking about power differently and strengthening my core. I’d never had a trainer that has focused on the necessity of mid, upper and lower abdomen strength until Togo made the connection for me as it relates to climbing.  

Balancing family, a demanding job with frequent travel, and limited training time is a constant challenge. Thanks to Togo's expert guidance, I've been able to maximise the benefits from the time I have available to train to ensure I am ready for my events. Despite setbacks like covid and injuries, Togo keeps me motivated, manages my time effectively, and even plans my training when I'm away without my bike.

"As a result, I can feel the difference."

The Power of Structured Training

Weekly accountability during our video or phone chats remains an essential ingredient of not only maintaining a high level of cycling fitness but overall health. In the past, my cycling was somewhat random in terms of ride duration and intensity. Today, every ride has a purpose, which includes shorter intensity training but also fun, especially on the longer routes.

"Togo is a positive force in my world, is always enthusiastic, but at the same time can deliver a message when need be. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a cycling coach."

Greg completing his structured indoor training

Greg on his ride from London to Paris

Increased Knowledge

To this end, there is simply no way I would have regularly ridden 100 miles in training if Togo were not coaching me. His insights are particularly invaluable; understanding the importance of hydration and even the electrolytes I now use (which other riders are always asking about), when to push myself and when to lay off, the importance of deep stretching and massages.

Togo's coaching surpasses that of other cycle coaches. Togo's expertise goes beyond cycling, assisting me with my nutrition, mindset and event strategies including how to position myself within a group to help me preserve energy and ensure I am stronger later in the ride. Togo has also enhanced my off-bike conditioning, strengthening my core and legs, ultimately boosting my strength and power on the bike.

"These are all examples of the knowledge I have gained since working with Togo over the past three years."

Epic Adventures

In May this year I also completed the BGY Gran Fondo in Italy (90km with 1400m of climbing) and in July on the London-Paris ride (520km with 5044m of climbing), my performance was directly enhanced as a result of Togo’s coaching. I knew where I should aim to ride in the peloton, how to prepare and also the pace at which I should climb. I’m happy to say it was a very successful event this past July.

On my most recent adventure, the Prince Edward County Gran Fondo in Canada, I completed the 150km with my friend Bob. I rode smart; was quick on the short hills generally getting ahead of the group and then I rode back in the group to preserve energy. We rode amongst a group of 6 that formed and we did a good job sharing the pulls. The event was good fun.

Looking ahead I have no more events planned for this year, but I’d like to maintain my cycling fitness and rebuild my muscular strength ready for the Fausto Coppi Gran Fondo in Italy that I have signed up for next year. Next year will have a big focus on climbing.

Greg arriving in Paris after completing his London to Paris challenge

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Improved an incredible 66 watts from 174w to 240w in just 18 months.


Increase from 2.46 to 3.59w/kg. An increase of 46% in less than 18 months.


Completed first 100 miles in July 2019 in a time of 7h47m.


Took on the Mallorca 225 cycling challenge and conquered it in tough heat conditions.

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