“It’s amazing how much more you can achieve with the right professional help, thanks Togo.”  

Read on to discover how 1-1 Njinga coaching helped David prepare and conquer the Etape du Tour.

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Achievement Highlights


Completed the Etape du Tour (170km & 4500m climbing) 4,000th out of 20,000 and finished in the top 500 for his age group.

Official photo taken by Sportograf at the Etape du Tour.


During the Etape du Tour David finished in the top 10% fastest up Alpe d’Huez (1860m with an average gradient of 7.9%).


Over 6 months working with Togo, David's FTP Score improved from 234 to 270 watts (A huge 36w).

Official photo taken by Sportograf at the Etape du Tour.


Since working with Togo, David continues to improve his power to weight from 3 to 4.37 w/kg.

The start of my journey to the Etape du Tour

I entered the Etape du Tour to test myself and to participate in the most famous sportive in the calendar.

Self-taught I was training most days of the week but had reached a plateau in performance and determined what I needed was structure, a plan and professional guidance which I found with Togo at Njinga Cycling.

Enter Njinga

Togo immediately put in place a training plan quite unlike anything I had done previously. Before I was regularly cycling 100k+ rides on the weekend at full gas, but this approach immediately stopped.

Instead, Togo prescribed a plan that centred on zone 2 on flats and zone 4 on hills.

At first it seemed quite alien to anything I had done beforehand, nevertheless after several weeks of adhering to the plan and completing a pedal technique session with Togo at the Njinga Lab I began to reap the benefits, my average power increased, and my heart rate decreased, and I was enjoying the rides more.

David and Njinga Head Performance Coach Togo.

Official photo taken by Sportograf at the Etape du Tour.

The Etape du Tour

I completed the Etape in what can only be described as brutal conditions reaching 40C on Alp d’huez.

Nevertheless, I was able to finish the Etape du Tour by pushing out over 500 watts and finishing in the top 5% in the sprint segment finish.

"I also finished in the top 20% overall."

What's Next

Since then, I am following a training plan that predominantly focuses on Zone 2 aerobic work and it’s here I’m really witnessing significant improvements. My power to weight ratio is at 4.37w/kg, a significant improvement from a year ago where it was around 3.

The current plan has been so insightful and beneficial, if you want to increase your power it’s not about going full gas every time one heads out on the bike. Togo’s plan and advice has demonstrated this.

"It's amazing how much more one can achieve with the right professional help, thanks Togo."

Official photo taken by Sportograf from the Maratona dles Dolamites which Togo also trained David up for.

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Improved an incredible 66 watts from 174w to 240w in just 18 months.


Increase from 2.46 to 3.59w/kg. An increase of 46% in less than 18 months.


Completed first 100 miles in July 2019 in a time of 7h47m.


Took on the Mallorca 225 cycling challenge and conquered it in tough heat conditions.