Will Yoga Improve My Cycling?

Yoga is full of dynamic and static movements that help strengthen all the muscles of the body, including your prime cycling muscles. By focusing on these muscles you will improve your stability, flexibility, core strength and balance and reduce injury on the bike.

This 8 week Level 1 programme provides the perfect introduction to yoga to help cyclists of all levels develop cycle specific strength and mobility, balanced with promoting effective stretching and breathwork.


Does This Sound Like You?

  • I never stretch after a ride. 
  • I struggle constantly with tired and tight muscles.     
  • I suffer from lower back pain when on my bike for long periods.  
  • I have poor flexibility and range of motion. 
  • I struggle with regular injuries.    
  • My stress levels are always high and I struggle to relax.

If yes, we can help. 

Programme Details

Hours Per Week

2 classes per week for 8 weeks:

   i) 1 x Vinyasa based ‘strength and movement’ class

   ii) 1 x Restorative style ‘flexibility’ class 

Class Duration: Each class is 30-40 minutes in length and can be repeated as many times as you like each week.

Who is this for

Entry level yoga practitioners, or those relatively new to yoga. That said, a more experienced practitioner can always benefit from returning to the fundamentals of yoga and will invariably be able to take the pose to a more advanced variation themselves.


  • A yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Sweat towel
  • Comfortable clothing

"Njinga’s yoga classes have been a great way for me to improve my flexibility and prevent injuries. Feeling stronger on the bike already"


What's Included

Designed specifically to benefit cyclists who are looking to improve their flexibility and mobility.




Progressive yoga flow videos for a vinyasa based ‘strength & movement’ class and a restorative style ‘flexibility’ class to build cycling specific strength and mobility providing you weekly structure and focus over the next 8 weeks.


Complete each yoga class as many times as you like each week to help reinforce your learning and to increase the benefits experienced.


Boost your training with structured training tips and advice on benefits of improved mobility, importance of breathing techniques, overused & underused cycling specific muscles and guidance on how a stronger core can improve your cycling.

    To help you overcome challenges and push through negative barriers that could stop you completing the programme and from achieving what you're truly capable of. 

If you follow all our recommendations, complete the entire programme and see no results, you will get a 100% refund. See below*  

Ask questions and get support or motivation from fellow cyclists in the programme via our private Facebook group.

"Often when I'm riding for a long time or up to a steep hill I get lower back pain down through my glutes. By the end of the programme, it had released a lot! There was one particular stretch that felt great for my tight glute muscles and I'm including it now in my daily routine."


Why Cyclists Will Love This

  • Flexibility and range of motion, particularly in your hips, lower back and shoulders will improve as cycling primarily involves repetitive motion causing tightness in these muscles. 
  • Increase your core strength, including obliques, and lower back.  A strong core provides stability and better body control, especially during long endurance rides, intense efforts and climbs.
  • Balance and enhanced stability and proprioception: Crucial for cyclists, as this helps maintain control over the bike, navigate through challenging terrain, and improve overall coordination. 
  • Injury prevention and recovery: Yoga's emphasis on stretching, strengthening and balancing the body can help prevent common cycling-related injuries, such as knee pain, lower back discomfort, and tight muscles. 
  • Breathing and endurance: Yoga places a strong emphasis on deep, controlled breathing techniques which can help oxygenate the muscles more efficiently, enhancing endurance and reducing fatigue.  
  • Mental Resilience: Yoga can help cultivate mental resilience in cyclists by fostering a sense of inner strength, calmness and adaptability by integrating physical movement, breath awareness and mindful presence. 
  • Relaxation and stress relief: Yoga incorporates breathing and relaxation exercises that help reduce stress levels, promote relaxation and improve mood.

Weekly Elements

SESSION 1: Vinyasa based flow sessions 

This is a strength based class focusing on:

  • Building cycle specific strength & mobility - specifically in the core, hips & shoulders.
  • Incorporating thoracic breath work to improve breathing efficiency, activate deeper muscles of the core and help you to maintain a strong body position on the bike.
  • Linking breath & movement (flow).
  • Finishing with a short (1-2mins) guided relaxation.  

Each week will focus on a specific part of the body.

SESSION 2: Restorative based sessions

This is a flexibility based class focusing on:

  • Mobility poses to enhance your range of motion, then moving into improving muscle length and finishing by increasing flexibility in the body.
  • Incorporating restorative breath work to promote rest, recovery and therefore repair.
  • Encouraging the development of more subtle sensations within the body.
  • Finishing with a short (2-3mins) guided meditation.

Each week will focus on a specific part of the body.


100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE - If you think this programme can help you even just a little bit, you can enrol risk-free. We guarantee that if you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations and don't see improvements, you'll get all your money back. That's our commitment to you.



Our On-Demand option allows you to buy and complete the 8 week programme from the comfort of home. 

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Get access to everything in Gold plus a 30 minute 1-1 coach call to get guidance and build structure to your cycling training. (Normally £49 for 30 minutes).

By signing up to our programme below you will be agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Who's the Coach

Sam Edwards is an experienced cyclist, Triathlon Coach and Yoga Instructor with over 800 training hours. She has found her yoga practice instrumental in her ability to complete multiple sportives and ironman races over the years. 


Yoga Instructor and Endurance Cyclist

Qualifications and Experience

  • 200hrs Yoga London 
  • 100hrs Advanced Anatomy Yoga London  
  • 200hrs Yoga for Sports YSS  
  • 300hrs Jason Crandell Advanced Teacher Training 
  • 40 hours Yin & Meditation Sarah Lo  
  • Triathlon England Level 2 Coach  
  • FASTER PT & Functional Performance & Running Coach  
  • Completed multiple endurance races including Ironman Hamburg 2019 and Outlaw (iron distance tri) 2018  
  • Completed a gruelling 10 day cycle across the Andes from Chile to Buenos Aires 2023

"Your body can do it, its your mind you need to convince."

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Yoga for Cyclists programme has been designed for entry level yoga practitioners, or those relatively new to the practice. That said, a more experienced practitioner can always benefit from returning to the fundamentals of the practice and will invariably be able to take the pose to a more advanced variation themselves.

To get the most out of this On-Demand programme, there is no specific equipment needed so no reason why you can’t get started straight away. A couple of optional recommendations of nice to haves include the following (Don’t worry if you don’t have or don’t want to purchase, there are always alternatives we recommend such as water bottles and sweat towels):

- An exercise mat, resistance bands and a yoga block.

It's simple: purchase the On-Demand programme and follow the programme at your own pace. Content will be drip fed each week to keep you on track to complete it within the recommended 8 weeks. 

You can complete the practices at any time in the day – although it is good to know that in the morning the body will feel more stiff so take time through the practice to allow the body to warm up.
Vinyasa flow is a good day time practice and restorative is often nice to do in the evening, especially before bed.

There will be 2 classes per week; a vinyasa based ‘strength and movement’ class and a restorative style ‘flexibility’ class that will each be 30-40 minutes in length. These classes can be repeated as many times as you like each week. If you are going to do the sessions more than once a week we recommend you do alternate between the two to see the most benefit.

Each video will break down the steps for each pose and each pose will be demonstrated for you to see. We advise you watch the videos closely if you are unsure about how to accurately do any specific pose or movement. If you are unsure, stop and watch it again. If you feel any pain or discomfort, please do not continue and instead rest in child's pose until the next pose.

This programme has been designed to finish in 8 weeks. We know from experience that life can get busy so we will give you access for an additional 2 weeks- so 10 weeks in total. After this you will lose access. Why do we do this? We are all about getting results and to do that you need to stay consistent and focused with your training. If you miss too many sessions in a row you lose the performance gains and momentum, and you can drop off completely. We want you to have the best chance of success so by removing access after 10 week we want to encourage you to stay on top of your training and stay consistent! 

If you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations – and, most importantly, prove you've done so – and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100% of your money back. No strings attached.

Need Advice? Book a FREE coach call.

Not sure if this programme is for you? Or do you need advice on the best next steps to improve your cycling? Let us help you.