Fuel Smart

Nutrition is the best thing you can work on to improve your body composition. This programme will take you on a journey, focusing on how to improve your power to weight both nutritionally and with increased knowledge of a range of additional health aspects, to ultimately enhance your cycling performance.  

To improve you power to weight you can look at simply reducing your weight by following a strict diet and calorie counting but this can be restrictive and demotivating. Instead, this programme will focus on implementing science based changes to create the same results.  

Our 8 week programme will draw on our Fuel Smart training philosophy,  providing you with all the information you need to help you along your journey and to create long term habits to take your cycling performance and general lifestyle to new levels.  

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I can't keep up with the peloton as the gradient starts to increase.   
  • I want to improve my power to weight but struggle to follow diets or count calories.  
  • I've reached a plateau and can't improve my bike performance.   
  • I want to eat healthier but not sure what to include or remove.   
  • I often find myself snacking throughout the day.
  • I want to lose weight and climb hills faster.  
  • I often struggle with afternoon slumps or feel tired most days.   
  • I want to improve my understanding around nutritional choices.   
  • I don't have enough motivation to complete a training plan.   
  • My stress levels are always high and I struggle to relax.   
  • I regularly get sick and struggle to train consistently.

Programme Details

commitment per week

1-2 hours each week as you will be provided with weekly videos to explain the weekly topic and practical tasks to help you put your learning into practice. 


8 weeks with content released weekly in an easy to digest format. Each week will focus on different topic to help you get the most benefits.

Who is this for

Any rider interested in reducing their weight to improve their power to weight the smart way while also optimising their health and cycling performance i.e. our Fuel Smart Philosophy.


This is an OnDemand programme, meaning you can sign up, start, and do the course in your own time and at your own convenience. 

What's Included

As part of our 8 week Nutrition for Cyclists programme, you'll get access to our exclusive online training platform, community hub, and practical advice. Plus so much more:




"Proper nutrition is the key to unlock your body's potential."

Why Cyclists Will Love This

  • Suitable for all levels of riders (Stages 1-4) looking to improve their power to weight. 

  • Gain an improved understanding of what foods you should be including in your diet and why. 

  •  Improve your blood sugar regulation. 

  • Increase your energy levels. 

  • Get a better understanding of the importance of proteins and how they can aid recovery and in turn improve your performance.
  • Improve your stress levels. 

  • Improve your understanding and knowledge on different aspects which affect body composition.

Fuel Smart Weekly Elements

WEEK 1: Goal setting and calories

Is calorie counting an effective way to lose weight? We address the myth and set ourselves SMARTER goals to provide a focus for the programme.

WEEK 2: Detoxification

We tend to think of a detox as a diet, but in fact its happening 24/7. We will take a look at its importance, what to look out for and what foods we should get into our diet.

WEEK 3: Fats and Carboyhdrates

The balance of carbs and fats can have an affect on your sporting performances. We will look at the debates and benefits of Low Carb-High Fat vs Low Fat-High Carb diets.

WEEK 4: Blood Sugar Regulation and Carbohydrates

Controlling your blood sugar levels will improve your energy and mood and you will be able to control your body composition a lot easier. We will look into carb dominant foods and tips to regulate your sugar levels.

WEEK 5: Fats

To improve our body composition we can't simply cut fat out our diets, they are fundamentally important. We will look into how to get a balanced, good quality source of fat into your diet and how your body uses fats during exercise.

WEEK 6: Hormones and Stress Management

Eating, sleeping, training and stress patterns heavily affect our hormones. We will look into foods and exercise types that can help balance our hormone levels and improve our stress management.

WEEK 7: Proteins

Protein provides a small provision of energy but mainly is a recovery nutrient. This week will look into why proteins are important, how much we need in our diets and protein sources.

WEEK 8: Mindfulness

Most of our behaviours in life become habitual or addictive and it is up to you alone to be accountable. We'll address mindful eating and provide you with recommendations, tips and an exercise to try.


100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE - If you think this programme can help you even just a little bit, you can enrol risk-free. We guarantee that if you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations and don't see improvements, you'll get all your money back. That's our commitment to you.



Our self-paced OnDemand option allows you to buy and complete the programme at your own pace. Good for those on a budget or with busy schedules.

By signing up to our programme below you will be agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Rider Testimonials 

In the space of 10 weeks my approach to food, health and my general well being has completely changed....for the better! Togo has helped build my confidence when it comes to understanding what foods are good and bad and the impact it can have on my performance. It has really opened my mind to trying new things!

Vikki Adamson 
Recently attended the Nutrition Workshop run by Togo. It was brilliantly presented, extremely informative and very simple to understand. I left with a far greater understanding of what an important role nutrition plays, not just in training and competing, but day to day life as well. Togo and Leigh are great examples too of how a holistic approach to nutrition can benefit in so many different ways.
Sharon Maunders
Since starting at Njinga my body has been transformed losing 20kgs, improving my FTP by over 60 watts and achieving an all time peak power of 1949 watts. My enjoyment, my ability, my fitness and my whole cycling world has been transformed. It has made me leaner, faster, happier, more relaxed and less stressed.
Rich Porter

"Remember when your body is hungry, its wants nutrients, not calories.”

Meet Your Sports Nutrition Therapist 

Ian Craig MSc DipCNE INLPTA is a highly experienced exercise physiologist, nutritional therapist, NLP practitioner and an endurance coach.

He has a wealth of experience and qualifications which include:

  • Heads up a nutritional therapy practice as part of an integrative team at the Nutritional Institute, where he works with an array of sporting clients, including cyclists ranging from track to multi-stage road and mountain bike racing.   
  • - Author of Wholesome Nutrition, a ‘12 Steps lifestyle intervention approach to Wholesome Nutrition.
  •  Founder of the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition. 
  • Lead Lecturer at Kingston University in the UK for a postgraduate course in nutrition.

Ian Craig

Sports Nutrition Therapist 

Frequently Asked Questions

This programme is suitable for every level of rider interested in making a meaningful impact to their health and cycling and also those who want to improve their power to weight the smart way. This programme will centre on our Fuel Smart Philosophy.

It's simple: purchase the OnDemand programme and follow the programme at your own pace. Content will be drip fed each week to keep you on track to complete it within the recommended 8 weeks. 

Each week you will be provided with videos explaining the weekly content and also 'Homework' tasks to help you put your learning into practice. To get the most benefits we recommend you engage with each step for approximately 1-2 hours every week.

This programme has been designed to be completed within 8 weeks. We know life and injuries can sometimes get in the way so we have extended your access to this programme for 66 days from the date of purchase. After 66 days your access will be removed. 

If you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations – and, most importantly, prove you've done so – and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100% of your money back. No strings attached.

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