Why is a strong core so important for cyclists?

Core work should be an integral part of every cyclist’s training because a strong core has a significant impact on performance, stability, and injury prevention.

A strong core, ensures you become more efficient on the bike by preventing rocking and swaying. This means all energy produced can be delivered in a smooth pedal stroke, resulting in efficient power transfer from the legs to the pedals. By minimising energy loss, a strong core enables cyclists to generate more power, resulting in improved speed and endurance. A stable upper body can also help prevent the body from compensating and using other muscles, reducing the risk of overuse injuries and back, shoulders and neck pain.

Let's get your core sorted with our 30 day Core Challenge.  

Does This Sound Familiar

- "I've done Level 1 and really felt the benefits so I'm now looking to progress my core strength further."

- " I want to improve my power output on the bike and I still feel I lack good bike control."​​​​
- " I've reached a plateau and not getting any quicker or stronger on the bike."

- "I'm looking for more structure and progression to add to my current strength training."

Building on the exercises within the level 1 programme, our level 2 core challenge has been designed to take your core strength to new levels as the exercises become more advanced and varied. We introduce back core exercises, increase the amount of lower ab exercises to build on your current core strength and also introduce the advanced Njinga Core Trio to replace the Crunch Trio.

Unlock your full cycling potential with our comprehensive core challenge and become more stable and efficient on the bike.

Key Details

"I have just completed the 30 day programme and I am reaping the benefits. I especially noticed how much stronger I am in the core exercises - to think I’d complete 120 crunches in a row at the start of this. But I’ve got through the crunch trio every single day - Looking forward to the next one."

What's Included

As part of our 30-day core challenge, you'll get access to our exclusive online training platform with a combination of demonstrations, written communication and videos to check progress and improve your training. Each session contains simple exercises you can do at home that are easy to follow and progress.  





Our 5 star rated British Cycling certified coaches have in-depth cycling knowledge and coaching experience to suit riders of all abilities. 


Establish a routine with structured daily core sessions to provide you with focus over the next 30 days and help you drive performance improvements.  


To help you overcome challenges and push through negative barriers that could stop you completing the programme and from achieving what you're truly capable of.


To boost your energy levels and eat healthier with daily nutrition information, weekly recipes and challenges.


Boost your training with structured training tips and advice on benefits of a strong core and how it can improve your cycling.  


To track your progress at the beginning and end of the 30 days.

 join PRIVATE cycling COMMUNITY 

Ask questions, get support and motivation from felow cyclists doing the programme via our private closed Facebook group.


Increase your flexibility and muscle range of motion to improve your power, balance, and recovery.


We focus on building a solid core, to create stability and power on the bike. Get access to the session videos plus a library of recorded technique videos to ensure you are doing each exercise correctly.


To boost your energy levels and eat healthier with daily nutrition information, weekly recipes and challenges.


If you follow all our recommendations, complete the entire programme and see no results, you will get a 100% refund. See below*


Increase your flexibility and muscle range of motion to improve your power, balance, and recovery.

"The 30 Day Core Challenge provides focus and is easy to incorporate into my schedule each morning - excellent 15 minute workouts - I have never achieved so much in 15 minutes each day! The technique videos are also incredibly helpful - sharp, short and informative. Looking forward to more programmes."

Why Cyclists Love This

    1. Improved stability and balance while cycling. 
    2. Enhanced power transfer for stronger pedal strokes. 
    3. Reduced risk of injury by reducing the strain on your lower back. 
    4. Improved breathing function, allowing for better oxygen intake during intense rides.
    5. Better posture and spinal alignment.
    6. Increased efficiency and endurance by maintaining a more stable upper body.
    7. Better control and handling of the bike, especially during turns and descents.
    8. Improved overall cycling performance.




This self-paced on demand option allows you to buy and complete the programme at your own pace.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We're convinced there's no better programme out there. In fact, we feel so strongly about this that if you follow the programme and all our recommendations and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100% of your money back.

That means if you think this programme can help you even just a little bit, you can enrol risk-free, knowing that you're either going to see results or you're going to get your money back. There's no in between. That's our promise to you.

"On the recent programme my core strength doubled and my flexibility increased dramatically. These courses and the structured training really deliver results, thanks for getting them to work in a virtual world."

Who's the Coach

"We are here to help you improve your cycling, regardless of what level you are at right now. As a British cycling coach, Wattbike performance coach, personal trainer for endurance athletes and with a background in nutrition, I know what is involved when taking on an exciting challenge.
We want to ensure you get results fast by providing training solutions that best fit your goals, are effective and most importantly, keep you motivated and accountable.

I look forward to working with you."


Head Performance Coach

Qualifications and Experience

  • GB Masters Road Cyclist 
  • British Cycling Coach - Level 1 & 2 Road & Time Trials (Level 3 Road & TT in progress)  
  • Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer 
  • Holistic Nutritionist 
  • Wattbike Certified Performance Coach
  • Skilled ultra distance cyclist (300+ kms rides in one day)
  • Ex mountain biker and adventure race junkie 
  • Experienced multi day road racer in Europe 


Book a free 15 min coach call and we'll help you get started.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 30-Day Core Challenge is suitable for riders of all levels – and we mean it! No matter what level of cyclist you are, a strong core is vital. If you do not currently include a lot of core workouts in your weekly schedule check out our Level 1 core challenge which may be a better place to start to improve your core strength.

Having access to the recommended equipment will help you get the best out of this programme. If you don't have or aren't able to get your hands on the recommended equipment, don't worry! There are always alternatives you can use:

To get the most out of this programme we recommend you have:

 - A full water bottle during every core session - Preferably not glass, instead plastic or metal.      
- Hand weights or kettle bells (safe homemade weight alternatives such as a water bottle with sand in can work, too)
- An exercise mat or something comfortable to lie on

It's simple: purchase the programme and follow the programme at your own pace. Content will be drip fed each week to keep you on track to complete it within the recommended 30 days. 

We strongly recommend following the order the programme has been set out in as closely as possible to see the most benefits. We do however understand that life can get in the way and the plan may not be possible to follow in the exact order that has been outlined or you may need to miss a day. If you do miss one of the daily core sessions throughout the programme we offer recommendations within the programme to ensure you continue to train smart.

This programme has been designed to be completed within 30 days. We know life and injuries can sometimes get in the way so we have extended your access to this programme for 40 days from the date of purchase. After 40 days your access will be removed. 

If you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations – and, most importantly, prove you've done so – and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100% of your money back. No strings attached.