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What is a cycling coach? Do you need a cycle coaching plan to achieve your goals? Find out more about cycling coaching at Njinga Cycling.

One of the most critical questions a cyclist will ask themselves at some point is, “Should I wear underwear under my lycra shorts?” Ok, while that is important, we will leave that up to personal preference and comfort. The real question is, “Do I need a cycling coach?”

Whether you want to build your confidence on longer rides, learn more about how to maximise your training or are starting to notice a plateau in your performance and want to add some structure to your training plan, investing in a cycling coach can help you realise your own potential and prevent injury from overtraining.

A cycling coach is an expert that is there to help you achieve your cycling goals. Whether that be to complete a local 50-mile loop for charity or get ready to participate in your first multi-stage event. The best cycling coaches will always take their time to understand your needs, goals, and motivations instead of sending out a stock training plan that is ‘good enough’ for any newbie cyclist.


Anyone can benefit from using a cycling coach, from beginners to more seasoned roadies. However, amateur cyclists tend to benefit the most as a cycling coach can give the structure and motivation needed to level up their fitness and cycling ability beyond what they thought possible. By utilising a cycling professional, you will benefit from years of experience and know-how that will dramatically improve your fitness (as long as you keep to the cycling coaching plan).

Here at Njinga, we have plenty of testimonials from cyclists like yourself that have been amazed by the transformational power of getting a cycling coach - you can read a few of them here.


We know the importance of planning in all walks of life. Cycling training is no different, and planning is vital to ensure that your body is at peak fitness for your event. A cycle coaching plan can combine indoor and outdoor cycling sessions and off-bike conditioning classes to help you reach your best just in time for your charity ride or event. They also help ensure that you do not overtrain and burn yourself out before your big ride.

A cycle coaching plan is more than just a list of days to go out on a bike. By getting to know your current fitness levels and looking at your goals, a cycling coach will create a specific training plan that will be achievable and build up your strength and fitness in time for your event. Even if you do not have a target time or an event in your diary just yet, they can be an effective way of losing weight and getting fit. You can also get cycle coaching plans that incorporate nutrition to ensure optimum performance and recovery during your training.

A cycle coaching plan is a worthwhile investment if you want a bit of structure in your training, while also integrating indoor cycling and off-bike conditioning.


Getting yourself 1-to-1 cycling coaching is the best thing you can do to improve your cycling performance and fitness. It is the most personalised form of cycling coaching you can get. Your coach will create a monthly workout plan for you based on your availability and the goals you have in mind. They are also there to answer any ongoing questions you may have about your training. If you are serious about your cycling training or need a push in the right direction to maximise your fitness with the small amount of spare time you have, then a 1-to-1 cycling coach is what you need.


There is a reason all top athletes have coaches to help them reach the pinnacle of their career and fitness. You do not need to be aspiring to ride in next years le Tour de France to realise the benefits of having your own cycling coach.

Cycle coaching is an excellent way to achieve your fitness goals, add some structure to your workouts, and give you that little added motivation to get the most out of the time you have spare to train. Whether you choose to join the Njinga Cycling Academy or opt for 1-to-1 cycling coaching, you will soon start to reap the benefits of having the support of a great cycling coaching community.

If you want any additional information or need some support, do not hesitate to contact us.

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