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Don't let your busy lifestyle put your cycling on hold. We specialise in helping time-pressed professionals achieve their cycling goals quicker, using our unique 8-Pillar Coaching system that guarantees exceptional results. 

Get access to our highly efficient, effective coaching so you can breakthrough plateaus and become a faster, stronger, more skilled cyclist.

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Don't Settle For "Good Enough"

We're here to help you get the results you deserve. We've helped over 1000 aspiring cyclists transform their cycling, health and overall quality of life through improved:

  • PERFORMANCE: Faster, more tangible improvements in speed, power, endurance, weight and mindset
  • TIME EFFICIENCY: Effective, training sessions that fit your individual schedule, optimising results with minimal time investment 
  • MOTIVATION, SELF BELIEF & INSPIRATION: Renewed energy and mindset to push out your comfort zone, challenge yourself and aim bigger
  • EXPERTISE & GUIDANCE: A wealth of expert knowledge from a highly experienced cyclist, coach and past CEO who understands your challenges
  • ENJOYMENT & ACCOMPLISHMENT: Experience the thrill of smashing your PBs and beating your friends up a climb with a renewed passion for cycling

Does This Sound Like You?

  • "I've been training on my own but not seeing improvements or any meaningful gains." 
  • "I find it easy to give up on goals when things get tough."
  • "I need structure to keep me motivated, accountable and on track as I lose focus easily."
  •  "I struggle to get my nutrition right and suffer from fatigue and low energy on a ride "
  • "I am overwhelmed by conflicting training advice. With limited time to train I need a clear, effective plan"

If yes, we will help YOU. 

Our 8 Pillar Coaching System is designed around your budget, goals and availability. 

Both in-person and online coaching options, incorporating our TRAIN | FUEL | MIND philosophy.

Our Services

Three Ways to be Coached



4 - 8 week commitment
  • On demand, self-paced training programmes
  • Train anytime, anywhere 
  • INCLUDES: Coaching focused on 1 individual pillar of our unique coaching system
  • ONLINE option only


  • Self-motivated cyclists seeking proven and effective on demand, structured training 



Minimum 6 month commitment
  • Structured & progressive group programme
  • Group coaching and data analysis, live weekly Q&As and monthly expert workshops 
  • INCLUDES: GENERALISED coaching across all 8 pillars of our unique coaching system
  • ONLINE option only


  • Cyclists seeking group motivation & coaching to help drive accountability and consistency   



Minimum 4 month commitment
  • Highly personalised, all inclusive coaching unique to your objectives and needs
  • Constant feedback, guidance, and adjustments based on your specific progress 
  • INCLUDES: CUSTOMISED coaching across all 8 pillars of our unique coaching system
  • ONLINE & IN PERSON options
  • Cyclists seeking comprehensive coach support with a specific goal focused plan, detailed feedback and faster results

Meet Our Head Performance Coach

“When you train with us, you're not just investing in a coaching programme; you're investing in a lifestyle upgrade."

I believe in holistic transformation. Whether you are aiming to conquer a cycling event or looking for ongoing coaching support, our comprehensive 360° approach to training, fuelling, and mindset goes beyond just your cycling performance, influencing your productivity and success in all aspects of your life.  

As a former CEO turned performance coach, I am committed to giving you first hand knowledge and insights gained from my own journey, guiding you toward peak performance.  My extensive and diverse coaching experience enables me to deliver fast and effective results tailored to your individual goals, keeping you motivated and accountable.  Read more about my journey here.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your cycling experience and enhance your overall well-being? I am here to guide you every step of the way.  

I look forward to working with you."

Head Performance coach

Qualifications and Experience

  • 3 x Team GB Masters Road Cyclist
  • British Cycling Coach - Level 1 & 2 Road & Time Trials (Level 3 Road & TT in progress)  
  • L3 Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Brainwise Mindset Coach
  • Holistic 360' Nutrition Coach -AADP
  • Wattbike Performance Coach
  • Experienced multi day road racer
  • Ultra distance cyclist +300km daily
  • Ex Mtn biker / adventure racer 
  • Ex Njinga Head Ride Captain 

Success Stories

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