We specialise in training cyclists for events.

Get all the expert training, advice and support you need to accomplish your goals with ease.

Whether you're a new rider wanting to confidently tackle your first 100 miles for charity, or an experienced cyclist preparing for a big multi-day event, we’ll help you proudly cross the finish line.  We'll give you clear direction, structure and motivation to keep you on track and support you through the highs and lows of training, celebrating your triumphs together.

Join us on a journey to push your limits, exceed your goals and reach your full potential to become a stronger, more confident cyclist.  

Let's get started.

How can we help you?

You've signed up to a cycling challenge and are probably feeling excited and a little daunted, with no idea where to start?

Book a free 15-min call with our Head Coach now if you need any help or advice with your cycling training or to find out how we can support you to reach your cycling goals.  

We've helped 1000's of cyclists, now it's your turn.  

Our Mission

We've set our sights on helping 100 000 people embrace a healthier, more inspiring life by 2033, all through the power of the bicycle.

We're not your typical cycling coaching company.  

We're all about revolutionising the way people approach their fitness, mental well-being, and overall wellness. We're dedicated to training individuals for cycling events or challenges they never thought possible, unlocking their true potential.

But our ambitions extend beyond personal achievements.  

We aim to create a community of riders united by a desire to do good and be better. We strive to harness this collective power to support those in need through various fundraising and charity initiatives, creating a positive impact that ripples far beyond the bike.  

We believe that the key to unlocking personal transformation in everyone, is the bicycle. 

Training Options


Flexible Training 

Want access to a personal cycling coach in your pocket 24/7?

Take your training up a gear and get expert, online coaching, anytime, anywhere with our on-demand programmes and Cycling Academy.

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Training Programmes

Need more accountability and motivation to stay on track?

Our most popular coaching offering will get you guaranteed results with the support of a coach and community of fellow riders in our live 8 week indoor group training blocks, keeping you focused and accountable. 

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VIP Bespoke Coaching

Experience the ultimate in personalised cycling coaching with our VIP offering.

Get a flexible, tailor-made training plan that fits your unique lifestyle and goals, along with expert weekly coaching to ensure you peak just in time for event day.

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Upcoming Events


Leith Hill Octopus

The ultimate Climbing Challenge- join us and take on 1, 3 or all 8 climbs of the Leith Hill Octopus. Includes a fantastic feed station to keep you fuelled throughout the day.  


Greek Odyssey

Only 1 Space left.

Join us for ride No. IV of our exciting Challenge Series, a unique opportunity to explore the Greek island of Rhodes by bike and its beautiful quiet roads, incredible food and amazing beaches with one epic day to challenge the legs.


The Power Pacer 

Sign up to our latest Live online indoor training programme designed to improve your aerobic power, muscular endurance and speed so you can ride faster for longer and smash your next event.

Our online training programme is suitable for all rider levels as you will work to your own training zones.


Santa Charity Cycle

Help us spread some festive cheer and join us on our 11th Santa Charity Cycle.  

Along with 100s of other cycling Santas, we'll cycle our 20 km route from Richmond, SW London to deliver gifts to the incredible children at Shooting Star Children's Hospice in Hampton who are suffering with life limiting illnesses.


Rider Success Stories

See our Facebook and Google pages for over 150, 5 star reviews.

Additional Services

MOT Assessment

Our comprehensive MOT is the full once over that every cyclist should complete. We review your cycling fitness, pedal technique, range of motion and mobility, balance and stability and core strength, helping you identify your key areas for improvement.

On-Bike Skills Coaching

Whether you are struggling with cleats, selecting the correct gears on a climb or riding in a group, we will help you fine tune your skills and improve your overall speed and safety on the bike.

Pedal Technique Coaching

A more efficient pedal technique means less energy wasted. This in turn means you've got more power spare to ride faster, harder and for longer. In this 60 min session we will analysis your technique making improvements to get you the best results.

How can we help you?

Book a free 15-min call with our Head Coach now if you need any help or advice with your training or to find out how we can support you to reach your cycling goals.

 We've helped 1000's of cyclists, now it's your turn.

"Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure." - Confucius

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