SAVE THE DATE - 25 to 29th September 2025

Only 12 spots available

What Is Our Challenge Series?

Every year we arrange a cycling trip that allows you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We call it our Challenge Ride. 

This isn't four days of non-stop maximum effort; instead, these trips allow you to push yourself on one or two challenging days, then we have the rest of the time to explore, enjoying a more relaxed route, coffee stops, evening celebrations and awards and of course some downtime to relax in the afternoons. 

It's really our favourite way to see new places.

"Unlike many commercial cycling operators, the Njinga crew really make you feel like part of the family, which makes for a very relaxed time off the bike."


2025 Trip Highlights

"You are way above the rest on attention to details and full on support both on and off the bike. I made the best decision, from the minute I got off the plane the people were lovely and the atmosphere was so welcoming from everyone. The rides were hard but fun. And I felt I accomplished what I’d set out to do. It was a super 4 days away."