The Beginner Cyclist - OnDemand

A comprehensive step by step guide to get you into cycling, covering everything you need to start your cycling journey with confidence.

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    30 Day Foundation Builder - On Demand

    Looking for the ultimate all round package to help you as you start on your cycling journey? Our on demand Foundation programme incorporates train smart, fuel smart and think smart basics to help you create a solid cycling foundation. (Comprehensive 30-day programme for all levels of cyclists). Add to your shopping cart now and save 45%.



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        I recently completed a programme with the Njinga Academy and it has been really helpful in building up my confidence to tackle outdoor and group riding. The skills session built up my technique week on week and I'm loving that I feel much more comfortable now and really enjoy my rides.

        Kat Stevens


        The academy has helped me in so many ways; I've honed my bike skills and am a much more confident rider! In the past few weeks I've completed my first two sportives and am now brimming with confidence for the Prudential 100. I'm also looking forward developing my skills set even further and tackling new challenges.

        Michelle Toogood