Not sure what the right Njinga class for you is? Read on to find out what each Njinga Group Cycle Training Session involves.

Whether you are new to Njinga or have a specific cycle training goal in mind, the overview below will explain each of our group cycle training sessions, the benefits and who they are best suited for and why.

Each group cycle training session on our schedule can be made as hard or as easy as you like but as a general guide the training sessions we recommend for your first time are:
- Peloton Roller
- Legs of Steel Burner

Note: You can choose to join all Njinga Training sessions live in person at the Njinga Lab or online on your own indoor bike or turbo trainer from your home. Whatever option you choose you will still benefit from the same coach motivation and the same Njinga gold standard of training.


For an overview of what each of our group training sessions involves, check out the table below.

Scroll down below the table for key recommendations for all our sessions and detailed descriptions for all sessions on our schedule.

* Combo of aerobic and anaerobic training zone (Training zones 2-6)

** Anaerobic training zones (Training zones 4-6)

*** Top-end aerobic training zone (Sweetspot)


Accurate Training Zones

We strongly suggest joining all of our cycle training sessions with accurate FTP training zones to feel the true benefit. However, don't worry if you have not yet completed an FTP Test, you can still join our training sessions and work to our Njinga perceived exertion (NPE) instead - A scale of 1-10 effort level. Find out more about all the different training zones and intensity levels.

Don't be scared of completing an FTP test...We guarantee the benefits of each training session will be far greater with accurate FTP numbers

Come Prepared to each Training Session

If you have completed your FTP Test and have accurate training zones, as a minimum, we suggest you memorise the following KEY power numbers for any training session:  

- Top of Zone 2  
- Sweetspot range  
- FTP score  
- 105% of FTP Score  

Alternatively, print out your training zones or the NPE table and tie it to your handlebars or add to your water bottle for easy reference during training sessions.


Breakaway Ride 

Perfect session to improve your stamina and build your anaerobic power.     

In this training session, you will complete 3 x 3 minute under and over intervals, starting at sweet spot and building to 105 percent of your FTP score. You will then take on 3 escalating breakaway ride intervals which will include a series of max power breakaway attacks. 

Benefit: Learn to control your sweetspot and threshold power before developing your top-end anaerobic power.     

Suitable for: All levels of riders but particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their anaerobic sprint efforts or riders who have hit a plateau with their training.

Njinga Recommendation: Set yourself targets within the training session for each of the different intervals. This will help you to keep your focus throughout and keep you pushing to reach your numbers.    

Endurance Racer

This session is designed to build endurance and stamina and is perfect to help you get stronger and fitter on the bike.

In this training session, there will be 3 x 10-minute intervals. 9 minutes at 70-75 percent of your FTP interlaced with 6 short controlled power sprints.

Benefit: Faster recovery times and improved stamina at higher intensities. Better consistency over multiple power sprint attacks.

Suitable for: All levels of riders but particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their endurance, stamina and average speed. If you are looking at racing indoors on Zwift or simply looking to go up group speed on your club rides or not get dropped by your cycling mates then this is the session for you.

Njinga Recommendation: The session is tough and can feel relentless with no recovery periods so we recommend being well fuelled beforehand. Ensure you have had a well-balanced meal that includes a healthy dose of complex carbohydrates about 3-4 hours prior and then a small, simple carbohydrate-based snack like a banana one hour beforehand.

FTP Booster 

Learn to control your power and stay disciplined through long intervals to boost your stamina.

This training session will include 3 longer aerobic intervals at zone 3 or sweetspot with optional short anaerobic power sprints interspersed. After a short recovery the training session will finish with multiple 30 seconds anaerobic power sprints.

Benefit: Ability to ride at a sustained effort for longer intervals while coping with peloton surges or rider attacks.

Suitable for: All levels of riders; particularly those keen on improving their FTP score, muscular endurance, stamina and short power surges towards the end of a ride. Also good for those who struggle to ride at sweetspot over longer distances and mid to top of zone 4 (lactate threshold) for shorter periods.

Njinga Recommendation: Combine this session with a Legs of Steel Burner or Pyramid Climber each week for the perfect all-around weekly training schedule.

Legs of Steel Burner

Improve your speed, build muscular endurance and strength to push the higher power on the bike.  

This training session will include a longer 15-minute sweetspot interval with power increases to FTP score and 105 percent of FTP. The training session will finish with a short anaerobic power interval building from power zones 4-5 with mid zone 2 recoveries between each effort.  

Benefit: Better endurance and stamina to last longer on a ride while improving your sweetspot control and confidence holding above threshold power efforts.  

Suitable for: All levels of riders and especially first-time riders to Njinga Cycling.  

Njinga Recommendation: Combine this training session with a climbing session each week for the perfect all-around workout. The longer sweetspot interval in this training session is also a great time to practise perfecting your pedal technique

Peloton Roller

Boost your endurance and stamina for your longer rides with options to ride at 3 different intensities to suit different training adaptations, no matter how strong or tired your legs feel.

In this training session you will start in zone 2 then either maintain a steady zone 2 power output in a fasted state to aid fat burning or instead opt for one of 2 other options to gradually increase your power as the session progresses. Each 10-minute block will comprise 5 minutes at a slightly higher power output than before and 5 minutes at a lower peloton pace (Zone 2) intensity.

Benefits: Improve your endurance base to last longer on the bike. Also, faster recovery times and improved stamina if riding at higher intensities.

Suitable for: All levels of riders; particularly those preparing for a longer endurance challenge.

Njinga Recommendation: Combine this training session with a sprint style session each week for a great all-around workout. This training session also provides a great opportunity to practise perfecting your pedal technique.

Power Sprinter

High-intensity maximal efforts on the bike to build your anaerobic strength.

This short HIIT style session has varying sprint durations from 10-60 seconds that focus on building your anaerobic capacity and top-end power.  

Benefits: Perfect to improve your top-end power over short efforts and to improve your anaerobic capacity!  

Suitable for: All levels of riders; particularly those who struggle to ride at threshold and above, over short intensive periods of time.  

Njinga Recommendation: Bring an energy snack with you and come well rested to make sure you get the maximum benefits from the session. Combine this session with the FTP Booster to maximise your endurance base level.

Pyramid Climber

Reach the top of each pyramid climb to take your climbing skills to the next level. You will improve your climbing strength and muscular power with our signature climbing intervals.

In this training session, you will take on a 10-minute and a 21-minute pyramid climb. These climbs will see you working at a variety of intensities for different durations. You will be working at mid zone 2, up to 110 percent of your FTP score.

Benefit: Learn to control your climbing power across multiple different zones for different lengths of time at different cadences.

Suitable for: All levels of riders but especially beneficial for those looking to improve their climbing and acceleration.

Njinga Recommendation: A must-do session if you hate climbing or your friends leave you behind every time you reach those steep Surrey Hills. This session is especially important to have accurate FTP training zones to ensure you are training smartly.

Rolling Attacker

Conquer multiple threshold intervals to enhance your power output. Boost your fitness and power while challenging your limits with this fast-paced training session.

In this session, you can expect zone 3 to 6 power efforts and intensive anaerobic work to increase your lactate threshold. Within the session, you will take on 3 x rolling climbs (intensity will increase every minute from zone 3 to top zone 4). The session will finish with a 7-minute attack interval - 1 minute at 105% of FTP, followed by 1 minute top of zone 2.  

Benefit: Learn to control your sweetspot and threshold power before developing your top-end power numbers.  

Suitable for: All levels of riders but particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their sprinting ability at the end of a long ride.  

Njinga Recommendation: To aid recovery after this training session we recommend you try to eat a full nutritious meal within 60 minutes of the end of your workout. We also recommend a protein smoothie within 15 minutes of finishing your training session. 

Switchback Conqueror

Learn to climb the long alpine switchbacks with a mixture of gradients from 5-16% with short accelerations on the switchbacks to practice staying ahead of the pack.  

In this training session, you will complete 2 rolling climbs, before conquering a 22-minute switchback climb to the finish. The rolling climbs will build in intensity every minute from zone 3 up to 105% of your FTP. The 22-minute switchback conqueror climb will vary in intensity from high zone 2 to FTP score and higher.  

Develop stronger, more powerful legs and improve your ability to sustain peloton breaks or rider attacks on a climb.  

Suitable for: Riders doing harder more challenging sportives, mountainous Etapes or multi-day cycle events. Likewise, if you have hit a plateau in your cycling and need help with that next step up or riders simply looking to climb with greater ease.  

Njinga Recommendation: We highly recommend riders use cleated shoes to maximise their power in this session. Also, bring electrolytes with you to the session. 

Threshold Accelerator

If you want to improve your FTP scores, then this is the perfect session for YOU!  

In this training session, you will improve your overall power, fitness and increase your FTP score. In this session, you can expect repeated under and overs intervals working in sweetspot, FTP score and 105 percent of FTP. There will be intensive efforts as you ride above and just below your lactate threshold.  

Benefits: Improve your ability to sustain riding at your sweetspot, 100% of FTP and 105% of your FTP score without recovery to replicate the physical demands of riding in a peloton.  

Suitable for: All levels of riders, in particular those who have conducted an FTP test and want to improve their power output and FTP score.  

Njinga Recommendation: Definitely do an FTP test first so you are able to train smart and in the correct training zones to see faster results!

Threshold Ten

Conquer multiple threshold intervals to enhance your power output.

Within this training session, you will start with a 7-minute sweet spot interval, before moving into 3 x threshold intervals where you will be working above threshold for 1 minute, followed by 1 minute at mid zone 2. You will repeat this 3 times in each interval.  

Benefit: Ability to maintain your threshold and power control while stimulating the body to recover faster.  

Suitable for: All levels of riders but accurate FTP scores to reference is of the utmost importance.  

Njinga Recommendation: Try and control your breathing during the threshold intervals and during the recovery blocks to help you manage your heart rate and control your energy exertion levels. Try and make your breaths slightly deeper, and see how your performance can benefit.

Off-Bike Training Options

On our weekly schedule, we also have a couple of off-bike sessions to complement your training routine. Off-bike training will transform your cycling performance, no matter your current fitness or cycling level. Try our 45 minute Deep Stretch Session or our 60 minute Core and Deep Stretch Session and see how your cycling performances improve.


Chat with our Head Coach on a free 15-min introductory call to steer your cycling journey in the right direction.