an 8 week live online programme Designed to help build muscular endurance, strength & stamina. 

Building momentum each week, our British Cycling Coaches focus on driving incremental improvements to your functional threshold power, cycling fitness and overall technique, with each rider benefiting from focused and structured training.


- "I can't keep up with the peloton as the gradient starts to increase."

- "As soon as it gets cold, my training goes out the window."

- "I struggle to pace myself properly on longer rides and run out of energy before the end."

- "I don't have enough motivation to complete a training plan in winter."

- "I hate having to start from square one again when spring arrives."

- "My friends always have to wait for me at the top of every climb."

Our 8 week FTP Accelerator programme is designed to help cyclists increase their functional threshold power and improve their average speed on the bike. Our live and progressive coach led training sessions will build on your muscular endurance, anaerobic strength and threshold stamina so you become a stronger faster cyclist. 



Suitable for all riders with a turbo trainer or indoor bike interested in improving their functional threshold power, speed and stamina.


- 2 x 60 minute live remote coach led training sessions
- 2 x 20 minute live coach led post ride stretch sessions. 
- Premium package includes extra features (see pricing below).


Start: Monday 11th January 2021 
Time: 19h00 GMT.


8 week live remote training programme on every Monday and Thursday at 19h00 GMT. 
Premium package includes extra features (see pricing below).


Are you preparing for a cycling event or cycling leg of a duathlon or triathlon or simply looking to improve your cycling fitness?
Our signature group training programmes will build your muscular endurance, anaerobic strength and threshold stamina so you become a stronger faster cyclist.  Train smart over the winter months and reap the rewards in the summer


Highly experienced Cycle Coaches
Our 5 star rated British Cycling certified coaches are also top performing cyclists at UCI Gran Fondo World Champs level who have in-depth cycling knowledge and coaching  experience with all rider stage levels remotely.  They will instil our Njinga philosophy.

Live ON BIKE remote coach SESSIONS

Twice a week, 60 minute British Cycling Coach led structured and progressive indoor training sessions on an indoor trainer at home.

BENCHMARK TESTS & Training Zones

Pre and post FTP performance testing to track improvements and get accurate training zones so you train smart and see results faster.

    Post training sessions, key cycling metrics will be sent via email including total average power, power to weight, speed, cadence, total distance and heart rate. Plus average power stats for each interval within the session and FTP power zones worked.


 If you follow all our recommendations, complete the entire programme and see no results, you will get a 100% refund. See below*

Ask questions, get support or motivation from fellow cyclists in the programme via our private closed Facebook group.

Access to live power (watts), power to weight, speed, cadence, distance and heart rate (bpm) metrics including live accurate average power intervals within the session. 

Increase your flexibility and muscle range of motion to improve your power, balance, and recovery with a post ride stretch.

fuel smart: NUTRIENT DeNSE recipes 

Receive  a weekly nutrient dense recipe to aid performance by boosting energy levels, strengthening your immune system and/or aiding recovery. All our recipes are easy to make, healthy and taste incredible. 

Training Handbook

Contains setup information, training software access, SMARTER goal sheet, self reflection training diary, Think Smart tips and how to get the best out of your training.


    1. Suitable for all levels of riders looking to improve their cycling.

    2. The structured and progressive nature of our training programmes guarantees results.

    3. You're more committed! It's the regularity of just showing up twice a week for seven weeks that gives you momentum in your training.

    4. Designed and led by an experienced British Cycling Coach and Wattbike Performance Led Coach.

    5. Greater motivation levels as you're training with the same group of riders, inspiring you to push even harder.

    6. Pre- and post-benchmark testing, providing you with accurate training zones to make your training more efficient

    7. Challenging but achievable targets to push you further with live data points monitoring your performance throughout the session.

    8. Improved leg strength and general fitness and conditioning.

    9. Better ability to produce and maintain higher power.

    10. Low risk. Guaranteed results or your money back.


You will receive comprehensive training data after every session. Plus average power data for each interval so you can also track your interval progress in key power training zones.


We're convinced there's no better programme out there. In fact, we feel so strongly about this that if you follow the programme and all our recommendations and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100% of your money back.

That means if you think this programme can help you even just a little bit, you can enroll risk-free, knowing that you're either going to see results or you're going to get your money back. There's no in between. That's our promise to you.




All the above included plus:

* Floating Credits: Get 2 floating credits to attend a recorded version of the session you miss & see your data against the live riders
* Group Coach Catch Up: Check in with the coach midway through the programme after session 7 at 20h15 GMT.



All the gold package plus:

* Live Deep Stretch Sessions:  8 x 60 minute sessions every Friday at 17h15 GMT via Zoom or watch on demand.
* Yoga for Cyclists Level 1 Online Programme: 16 x 30 minute progressive sessions specifically designed to run alongside this training programme i.e. 2 per week.
* Group Coach Q&A: weekly Mondays 20h15 GMT for 15 minutes. Ask questions or submit in advance, learn and listen to other riders questions and get additional coach support.


"I joined one of Njinga's 8 week remote programmes as a final part of recuperation from a long term injury and the results were amazing. If you go to Njinga's sessions, listen to their instructions, follow their guidance, do your stretches (Their Yoga for Cyclists programme is also great) you will improve rapidly, I increased my power output by 33 watts in 8 weeks.”
- Mark Donovan
"I lucked out in finding Njinga at the end of last year and knew that I really needed to find somewhere that I could train through the worst of British winters to tackle the Cape Roleur and Argus by March. Soon hooked, I started an 8 week FTP booster programme, and saw my cycling go from strength to strength, add over 5% to my FTP score (on a bad day) and I know there is plenty more to come. The programmes really develops you as a cyclist in technique, physical and mental strength and a level of confidence and discipline I hadn't even thought about."
- Ruth Berry
"The Programme has been brilliant, I can’t believe how much I have come on in 8 weeks and I could never have tapped into that by riding my bike around the streets…It’s a different sort of training with knowledgeable coaches telling you the right things. I improved by 48 Watts which was massive and way above my expectations. Big thanks to all the guys here because with the right people you can do the right things!" 
- Kevin Mcnally


For at home access:

An indoor trainer (All require a road bike to connect; some work with the rear wheel in and others work on a drive train system without rear wheel. Examples include Wahoo Kickr, Tacx Neo, Elite Suito. Alternatively you can complete the remote programme on an indoor bike that can projectcadence and power (same applies for the indoor trainer). Examples include Wattbike Atom, Wattbike Nucleus, Wattbike Trainer and Wahoo Indoor bike, etc. 

You will also need a laptop or tablet to download the remote software, ANT+ receiver, comfortable cycling kit, water bottle, heart rate strap and a sweat towel. 

  • Our 8 week Programmes are suitable for riders of all levels interested in improving their endurance and fitness in a structured and progressive environment.

This programme has been designed to finish in 8 weeks. No credits will be available past the 8 weeks so please make sure you attend all your sessions or use your floating credits for the sessions you miss, before the end of the programme.

There will be approximately 2 x 60 minute on bike training and an optional 2 x 20 minutes post ride stretches a week. The premium package has extra features including an additional 1 x 60 minute live remote coach led deep tissue stretch session a week and a Yoga for Cyclists online recorded programme that is 2 x 30 minute sessions a week. Plus a weekly Group Coach Catch Up and Q&A for 20 minutes.

If you follow the entire programme and all our recommendations – and, most importantly, prove you've done so – and you don't see any improvements, we'll give you 100%* of your money back. No strings attached.