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I started working with Togo in March 2012 at 14 stone (a weight I'd never reached before), I had seriously hurt myself in an injury you can only get from being unfit and I was tired constantly, yet my work was intense and I could find little time to put aside for changing things.


I joined Togo on a monthly pay scheme to gain from his holistic coaching of training and nutrition sessions. It was like joining a new world but one that seemed to fit with my lifestyle and work commitments. There were some early starts but Togo's motivation and energy made it enjoyable and kept me wanting more. There were cut backs on foods that you only see in 'Man vs food' but Togo helped me find foods that helped me feel satisfied, even gluten free beers to make a 'bad bad' into a 'good bad'.





Togo is highly driven, goal orientated and a passionate self starter. One of his best qualities is that you buy into Togo the person. Through his enthusiasm, passion for cycling and excellent organisation & leadership skills i have gone from being a casual member of a weekly spin class to a cycling enthusiast... Togo - keep up the great work!

I met Togo in Richmond Park for the first cycling session and he instantly made me feel at ease. He checked my bike before we set off on the first of many laps around the park. Within the first few minutes Togo was riding beside me and pointing out how I should be holding my handlebars/breaks and what position I should be in while riding.


The boot camp sessions really helped with my general fitness and building up strength to help with cycling. I enjoyed the variety of the sessions and learning different exercises and stretches. Togo really helped keep me motivated throughout the team & train program. I hope to continue training with Njinga as so far it has been extremely fun and I have met an amazing group of people.


Togo & Njinga have helped me lose weight (approx 8kg) and increased my energy levels in a very short space of time mainly through exercise but also by making me aware of healthier nutrition options


Togo was a spinning instructor at my gym and his infectious enthusiasm and motivation convinced myself and a friend to take up cycling more seriously; we trained with Togo all summer for the London to Paris bike ride (500km in 3.5 days), and I can safely say it greatly improved my perfomance. His sessions are excellent value and his attention to detail is second to none. The group sessions are great fun but you will work extremely hard, and he caters for differing levels of fitness extremely well. Also does a mean BBQ.

I have worked with a number of PT's at various gyms and I have to say that Togo stands head and shoulders above anybody else I have ever worked with.

I first met Togo during spin classes at my local gym. His classes were immediately a step change from the norm, very much grounded in real world functional training, focussed and challenging but always fun with lots of useful tips on technique, posture, nutrition and stretching. Alongside several other regulars I decided to take it to the next next level and purchased a new road bike and all the trimmings through the Cycle2Work scheme.


I hired Togo to help me train for a 24 hour cycle challenge. His drive and enthusiasm to improve my cycling technique, his advice on equipment and dietary improvements allowed me to improve my fitness and maximise the enjoyment of the challenge. I could not have asked for a more passionate and encouraging coach!




Amazing all inclusive weekend. You think of everything and are so well prepared. I hadn't expected my bike to be cleaned and oiled. You went far and away above the call of duty. Thank you for your advice and support- EPIC. The organisation, support and encouragement are second to none. Even when I felt like giving up you were there to help me through. It did not feel like a group or team- it felt more like a cycling family. Enjoyed the weekend immensely, spent so much time laughing. I can't wait for the next one.



The support that I received from Leigh and Togo was outstanding. The new friends made this weekend make the tough moments on the bike so much easier because of the enjoyment we gave each other. SAME TIME NEXT YEAR!?


Leigh and Togo are welcoming and supportive. the accommodation, food and company were top notch. Very pleased to have seen team Njinga in  Richmond park. If you are looking for a fun weekend away cycling, book with Njinga!

A fabulous weekend- wonderful rides, loads of great advice and outstanding food. Leigh and Togo are the warmest and most knowledgeable of hosts. Thank you!


Highly recommend a weekend with Njinga. Will definitely do another. Leigh and Togo are incredibly accommodating and giving. We got fantastic coaching tips all weekend. Great food and great company.  We enjoyed everything about it, even the rain. Your planning, organisation and hospitality was once again faultless. It was lovely to spend time with old friends and meet some new ones."


Everything is done for you. Such a fun, relaxing yet cycle fit weekend. Everyone should try it.


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"The Njinga Team were fantastic, so encouraging, supportive and most importantly, FUN. If you are thinking of joining a weekend, just sign up - You will love it. It was my first time on a road bike and we did 184km in two days and I never would have believed I was capable of that."


" I came away this weekend absolutely exhausted and 3 days later feel more refreshed and healthy than I have for months despite having cycled nearly 200kms."


I quickly found that sitting on a spin bike was a lot simpler than my new shiny Giant Defy road bike! After some embarrassing moments and painful falls I realised that I had to get some help. I asked Togo if he could provide some coaching and described the challenges I was having with even the most basic elements such as setting off, braking, gear changing and even getting my feet out of the clip pedals! My problems were compounded by suffering from arthritis since a young age so my range of motion meant even getting on and off was not a simple matter!

It if fair to say that my confidence and expectations were pretty low but Togo took the time to listen and made me feel immediately at ease, after just 25 minutes of our first session together we made real progress and I was amazed at how Togo could diagnose my problems and communicate what I needed to change so effectively. By the end of just one session (much longer than the hour we had planned by the way) I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  


From what could have been an expensive failure I am now looking forward to being able to cycle socially (competitively!) with friends and also to participate in sportives and long distance rides including London to Paris. I am greatly looking forward to continuing my work with Togo in both my cycling and wider health / fitness goals and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.


Cycling, a sport that almost defined 2012, was a big part of Togo's new lifestyle programme for me. I went and bought myself a beautiful new road bike and looking like a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) Togo led me on a dynamic, drugs free, cycle training programme taking us from Richmond park to the rest of UK. In particular, Togo was unique in that he spent time introducing me to cleats and improving my cycling technique with the new road bike.


So what's the outcome! - well I am now 12 1/2 stone (1 1/2 stone weight loss). I have energy like never before. I can actually do exercise without pain afterwards, even sport without going to hospital. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I have completed 3 x 100 mile cycles in the last year amongst other sportives. I even successfully managed a Pele like overhead bicycle kick in an annual football match just the other day. I have goals of doing triathlons this year with even an Iron Man down the line. All in all I feel almost half my age - or is that how we are meant to feel at 30 - I had just been missing out!


It's all down to Togo and his ability to create sustainable change in someone. You hear about so many diets, nazi training camps and read so many magazines promising the unrealistic or undesirable. Togo's programme is real and for what ever goals you are trying to acheive he is your man!