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Olympic Silver Medalist, Heather Fell tests Njinga cycle training weekend


I am just back from my fifth cycle ride in as many days, I think it must be the Njinga affect. When asked if I was interested in attending a luxury cycle weekend I was dubious as to how cycling and luxury could be combined, I can now confirm it is possible.


I have been cycling for just a couple of months and on a weak moment decided to take up the John O’Groates to Lands End charity ride. As a Modern Pentathlete my life has been full of five sports but none of which involve riding a bicycle, so now I am focusing on this new challenge. Winning a silver medal at Beijing means I know how to focus and train, but learning a new sport without the support of a world class coaching set up is proving to be a steep learning curve. READ MORE





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07 March 2013


Njinga Launches Luxurious UK Endurance Road Cycling Tours For Amateur and Intermediate Riders


Endurance road cycling and holistic health meet unexpected luxury from this month as Njinga Cycling, the premium cycle tours and training brand with a conscience, begins its first ever spring season. The release of the 2013 schedule comes after the success of their pilot training season and weekend away, coupled with a desire to get more people cycling and active. Aimed at novice and intermediate road cyclists, Njinga promises to focus and fuel both mind and body, with a series of fully catered weekend tours designed to put the fun back into fitness. READ MORE




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Sportsister Magazine September 2013,  Home Made Sports Nutrition Article


Sports nutrition products have become huge business over the past few years and there is no doubt that they have played a part in many great performances.But if you prefer to be a bit more self-sufficient or simply like to experiment in the kitchen, then how about making your own? We asked cycle training company Njinga Cycling for some recipes to try. Ourverdict? It was surprisingly easy and weloved having the ability to adjust the recipe to our taste, so why not give it a go? READ MORE

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Barefoot Running Magazine Summer 2013,  How to set up your bike

If you’ve been riding for a while you’ll know just how important it is to have a good bike set up. Not only does it make your ride more enjoyable but there are several other benefits to consider.


1. Comfort – being able to ride without any niggles or discomfort can make a major difference,

especially to endurance road cycling athletes who are often in the saddle anywhere from 4-10 hours.

2. Increase in Performance – riding pain free can reduce additional stress on the body and divert

energy to improving your cycling performance by dramatically improving your power and overall

speed. READ MORE