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Are you looking for a cycling community that really wants to make a difference to your cycling? You’ve tried many ‘cycling clubs’ to no avail and are still in search of the ultimate cycling experience that is fun and social, (yet challenging at times) in order to get the best out of you. Here at The Njinga Collective, our rideouts are all about team spirit and improving your confidence and performance on the bike!


4.Organised: The Njinga Ride Captains will be on hand marshalling all ride outs with radios and first aid kits, ensuring no rider is dropped.


5.Supportive: The Njinga Ride Captains are there to help riders with cycling tips and motivation.


6.Educational: We will be introducing Njinga Technique Tuesday sessions in the summer at 19h30-20h30 in the local area (focusing on hill climbing, cornering, descending, etc)


7.Team Work /Spirit: The Njinga Collective works together for the greater good of the team, the peloton and new riders.



1. Have you ridden a road bike before?

2. Are you confident using cleats, including clipping in and   unclipping easily?

3. Are you able to corner without coming to a virtual standstill?

4. Are you able to descend a hill comfortably without fear of falling off?

5. Do you know how to use your full range of gears accurately to make your riding more efficient?

6. Do you know how to ride in a group (peloton) safely and the relevant communication signals?

7. Can you ride an average speed of at least 14mph over minimum 40 miles with a few short hills?

8. Have you cycled a distance of 40 miles or more in one go?

9. Have you cycled more than 3 hours continuously?

10. Are you confident riding in traffic?


If you answered YES to 8 or more questions, then go to THE RIDES section below.


If you answered NO to 3 or more questions, then consider A, B or C stepping stones below, before joining our rideouts:

























While we want to be as inclusive as possible and want everyone to join, our focus is safety and enjoyment for the group as a whole, so we do need to ensure there is a minimum level of ability set.


A cycling community like no other

Njinga Cycling -about

1.Safety focused: All our rides are led by expert ride captains who know the routes well and are experienced at leading large groups. We always include a bike & helmet safety check, carry basic first aid kits and on longer rides, provide a qualified mechanic.


2.Fun & Social: While our goal is to ensure you enjoy each ride, we also want to make sure you are improving. Therefore, each ride will also include an optional challenge element like a hill climb section or pace increase for short periods, where safe to do so.


3.Like Minded Cyclists: Cycle with people who share the same qualities and goals as you and who are equally supportive and motivating.


The camaraderie and spirit at The Njinga Collective is unique and like no other team or organisation. We are one supportive, happy family!


we will have 2 different group speeds:


Group 1: Kalulu – the Hare (average 16mph). Please note you must be able to ride a little faster on the flats)

•Group 2: Njati – the Buffalo (average 14mph). Please note you must be able to ride a little faster on the flats)



between 75-100km (social rides with a challenge segment associated to them)



08h00 for the bike & helmet safety check



Opposite the Njinga lab, KT1 4BY

Riders must have a roadworthy ROAD bike, helmet and proof of British Cycling membership (Insurance).

Riding and learning from experienced Njinga Ride Captains and endurance cyclists who are passionate about cycling and love what they do


Feel safe and secure riding in smaller groups of riders with a similar ability level


Achieve a sense of cycling community and camaraderie during our Saturday ride outs with regularly planned sportives throughout the season in both the UK and abroad


Gain tips on how to improve your cycling through group riding skills and individual cycling skills sessions (see package options below)




We will work with you step by step to help transform your cycling.  Our key Collective benefits include:

Unique routes along some of the best roads that the Windsor lanes, Surrey Hills and beyond have to offer, with some pretty great cafe stops along the way


Share the road with new friends with the same cycling passion, helping the miles fly by as you discuss the latest chamoix creams


Access to high quality Njinga Collective kit like no other


As riders of the Njinga Collective, you will receive priority notifications on all the promotional offers, training programmes and cycling holidays that Njinga Cycling provides


Regular off the bike social events to catch up with your fellow Njinga riders


Local discounts and access to fantastic benefits from Njinga partners

Answer the below to find out.

We have built The Njinga Collective based on the following principles



























Membeship is valid for a 12 month period, ending at the beginning of the month you purchased in, one year later.

C. Not Cycled in a Peloton/Group – we recommend doing some of our group riding sessions to build your confidence and communication signals first on select Tuesday evenings at 19h30-20h30

B. Lack Cycling Fitness – unable to maintain the minimum group speed then we would recommend you start by doing some group indoor cycling classes first, to build up your power and speed in the Njinga Cycling lab

A. New to Road Cycling – we recommend you do some Technique Tuesday (Outdoor cycle skills) sessions 19h30-20h30 (within Richmond / Kingston area) to fine tune your riding skills first.







member fees

The Njinga Collective season runs from April to March and our new 2016/17 rideouts officially start on Saturday 2nd April.


April – September: every Saturday for 6 months (excluding key sportive weekends which we will be riding in as a team)


October-March: key Saturday’s only

Argent Health & Safety RGB

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