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(Who we Are and What we Do)


Leigh Rogers

Just starting out or looking to blow the cobwebs off your road bike?


Njinga Cycling  focuses on supporting people both new to road cycling or for intermediate level riders who want to improve their technique, efficiency, confidence and overall fitness.


We specialise in developing your road cycling proficiency through structured and progressive cycle skills and training programmes for groups as well as bespoke one on one sessions. We cater for beginners, completely new to road cycling and needing help with cleats, gear usage and fitness, as well as intermediate level road cyclists who can ride confidently at a comfortable speed but lack some key cycling skills and group riding techniques.






The word 'Njinga' means bicycle in Chichewa, the local language in Malawi, where Togo was born. Our mission is to train YOU into a more confident and efficient cyclist while having fun. Every rider who joins Njinga becomes part of our team and support network where it's about more than just the bike.

We work with a number of charities, particularly Shooting Star Chase, throughout the year, raising funds for them through various charity events.

The team is led by Togo Keynes a British Cycling Coach, passionate endurance rider, REPS certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and spin instructor and Leigh Rogers a sports nutrition advisor, holistic health coach and endurance cyclist. Together we have cycled 1000s of miles in some iconic endurance rides all over the world including London to Paris 500km, Devil Dragon Ride 303km, Triple Bypass Cycle 204km, La Marmotte 176km, Etape Cymru 150km, MTN Panorama Tour 333km and several other sportives from 75km-160km. We  have the experience and knowledge to improve your cycling performance by working closely on your skills and confidence and ultimately making cycling so much more enjoyable. We all know when you are having fun, you enjoy  exercising more!


If you have ever participated in a cycling endurance ride, you will understand the level of tight knit camaraderie which exists before, during and long after the race has finished. It is this same community spirit which we instil into every aspect of our training.  We hope to build and create friendships to last for years. whether accompanied by friends or going solo, Njinga's specialist cycle training services are guaranteed to prepare you physically, nutritionally and mentally for your next cycle challenge!



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How did you get into road cycling: Escape parents and something I could do on my own


Bike's nickname: Bike didn’t have a nickname, but I was called spider for being thin on a bike.


Most Iconic cycle (or sportive): Isle of Man International road race 1992


Favourite post ride beverage: ribena


Best meal the night before race day: Aah Vindaloo with sesame seed, Really, no Pasta with hole chicken and salad followed by fruit pavlova.


If you could be any rider who would it be: Sean Kelly, a man for the classics, any weather, the guy was always up there.


Toughest climb: For me it would have to be in the Austrian Mountains, off roading up to their ski stations near ischgl (said ish-cool).


Best training ride: would be during the summer months riding from Catford to Rye in Kent on a hot summers day going through quiet country lanes to the coast and back with fellow cycling friends.


Craziest thing done on a bike: an almost near mountain bike crash in Surrey. going down a single track at speed, hit a tree root making me airborne unseating me from the bike, my friends following cackling with laughter nearly crashing. Some how managed to remount bike in midair for landing and continued to the amazement of friends who thought a bad crash was coming.


Dream cycle destination: for me would be to ride the big climbs of the Tour De France


Your cycling quote: The best quote I heard was “You can only get better” and that is true.


Bike part or accessory you cant live without: has got to be the bike itself, the other would be spare inner tube and pump.



How did you get into road riding? After damaging my knees running, mountain biking for long periods of time hurt my knees with all the jolting so the natural progression was to road riding which I thoroughly enjoy. Truth be known I just enjoy being out on the bike no matter where.


Most Iconic ride: The 700km ride from Johannesburg to Kozi bay (All offroad)


Best meal the night before race day: A rare steak and roasted vegetables.


If you could be any rider who would it be? Jens Voigt- To have a mind as strong as his is an absolute asset for a rider who is not the most gifted rider in the peloton and allows him to punch way above his weight.


Toughest climb: A climb I once did in the mountains in the Free State South Africa between Clarens and Fouriesberg on a training ride, alone.


Craziest thing done on a bike: On my Jozi to Kozi ride, we started the day at 0degC ended the day at 37degC covered 112km, climbed 2500m and had a big accident halfway through the stage.


Dream cycle destination: To ride Alpe d’Huez.


Your cycling quote: Know no limits


Bike accessory you can’t live without: My photo sensitive sunnies


Favourite post ride drink :Lime and soda

  • Indoor Cycling instructor  

Jason Ross

Ride Captain And Indoor Cycling Instructor

Bike's nickname: Ruby


Most Iconic cycle: La Marmotte


Favourite post ride beverage: my homemade green smoothie packed with spirulina! You have to earn it, to deserve it. Later in the evening a Hendrick's and tonic.


Best meal the night before race day: Risotto with chicken, spinach and mushrooms


If you could be any rider who would it be: Eddy Merckx


Toughest climb: Alpe d'Huez in 32'C baking sun after 160km. No shade and badly swollen feet!  


Craziest thing done on a bike: climbing the Devils staircase on both sides on a training ride in Wales. A whopping 25%!!!


Dream cycle destination:  Vietnam


Your cycling quote: "Its never gets easier, you just get faster!" The more you cycle the more you realise how true this Greg LeMond quote is!


Bike accessory you cant live without: my Selle SMP saddle! Stopped me from having flat headed children!


  • British Cycling Coach L1, L2, L2R&TT, L3 Trainee

  • REPS Personal Trainer to endurance athletes

  • Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

  • Performance Wattbke Instructor for Cyclists

  • Ultra Distance Endurance Cyclist

Togo Keynes

Head Coach

Dave Hayward, 

the man that might of been, almost nearly, but never was, but is now a photographer.


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How did you get into road cycling: We moved to Manhattan in 2006 and after much nagging from Togo, I soon realised it was a lot more fun getting around on a road bike than mountain biking. After a few sessions hiring a road bike and hitting the Palisades in Jersey, I was hooked.


Most Iconic cycle (or sportive): Loved  RideLondon 100. It's a mostly flat course but riding on closed roads through some of the captials iconic landmarks is a highly recommended day out.


Favourite post ride beverage: Coconut water, and after a particularly hot ride a lime and soda.


Best meal the night before race day: Quinoa salad with vegetables, chicken and avocado.


If you could be any rider who would it be: Marianne Vos, amazingly good, consistently.


Toughest climb: Must be devils elbow in Wales, a nasty 25%.


Craziest thing done on a bike: Isle of Wight sportive in monsoon like weather. The puddles were as deep as our pedals and the wind had the rain lashing at us at 90 degree angles, all in freezing conditions.


Dream cycle destination:  Would love to cycle across the Cape, in South Africa.


Cycling quote: "shut up legs"


Bike part or accessory you cant live without: My arm warmers and gillet. You never know when the UK weather is going to turn bad. Don't be fooled by a sunny day.


  • Endurance Cyclist

  • Qualified First Aid for Sport

Leigh Rogers

Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

Ride Captain  

How did you get into road cycling:  The 2012 Olympics and meeting Togo in a spin class were the catalysts to getting me out on the bike. However, my earliest memory of road cycling and what made save up for ages to get my first road bike was reading Lance Armstrong’s two autobiographies. Cue raised eyebrows


Bike's nickname:  Bella


Most Iconic cycle (or sportive): Devil Ride


Favourite post ride beverage: Robinson’s Orange and Barley Squash


Best meal the night before race day: Mackerel pasta salad


If you could be any rider who would it be: Fabian Cancellara or Tony Martin. I wish I could burn diesel for just one hour the way they have burnt it their whole lives!

If they are both ill that day then I guess I would have to settle for Nairo Quintana, whoever that smuck is........


Toughest climb: Cooper Hill, Gloucester


Craziest thing done on a bike: Cutting corners downhill on cheddar gauge  


Dream cycle destination: Climbing Mt. Vesuvius along the Via San Vita, Campania, Italy. Climbing the Via San Luca to the Madonna di San Luca, Bologna, Italy


Cycling quote: Real heroes are others, those who have suffered in their soul, in their heart, in their spirit, in their mind, for their loved ones. Those are the real heroes. I'm just a cyclist. Gino Bartali


Bike part or accessory you cant live without:  Assos Rain Cap


Josh Perella

Lab Manager

Ride Captain And Indoor Cycling Instructor



How did you get into road cycling: A Natural progression from being out on my bike every waking minute as a youngster - joined a club at age 10 and Time Trialled 4 days after my 12th birthday - the very first opportunity I legally had. Gave me individuality and freedom (from parents).


Bike's nickname: Pericles


Most Iconic cycle (or sportive): D10/12


Favourite post ride beverage: Real Ale, preferably hoppy, with a hint of citrus.


Best meal the night before race day: Real Ale, preferably hoppy, with a hint of citrus. Sausage rolls, Melton Mowbray, bacon and black pudding.


If you could be any rider who would it be: Me - But much better. As a Junior, it was always Sean Yates.


Toughest climb: Any, when accompanied by the 'mentally weak'.


Craziest thing done on a bike: Told a fellow rider that they were 'mentally weak'.


Dream cycle destination: Lakeland Pub


Your cycling quote: Something to do with Mental Weakness I expect. If not "Rule 5" or "HTFU" hits the spot.


Bike part or accessory you cant live without: Garmin 1000, (especially when it auto locks). And an array of orange accoutrements.

Andy Helme

Ride Captain


  • Endurance Cyclist

  • Qualified First Aid for Sport

  • National Standards Cycle Instructor

( Levels 1-3).  

  • BCF Level 1 Coaching  (L2 Trainee)

  • Emergency First Aid

  • Rescue Emergency Care

Best quote: 'Keep your mind strong and your body will follow'


Most iconic cycle: the inaugural Welsh Velathon


Favourite post ride beverage: grande latte


If you could be a rider who would you be?  Chrissie Wellington


Favourite post ride posture: headstand


Bike accessory you can't live without: my garmin


Never travel without: my yoga mat


Favourite pre-race meal:  oats and chia porridge made with almond milk and topped with sliced banana & pumpkin seeds


Dream bike destination: The beautiful French Alps


Favourite place to practice yoga: North Cornwall - Fistral beach, Polzath, Watergate Bay, Constantine Bay - beautiful!


Biggest challenge for 2016: The Xman XXX Wimbleball full distance extreme triathlon with a mere 3500m climbing on the bike! Thank goodness for Njinga!!

Sam Edwards

Yoga Instructor



How did you get into road riding? Whilst out injured from running I took up cycling and swimming to keep fit. This initiated the inevitable slippery slope into triathlon. Most recently I've come to discover a passion for cycling and that long weekend rides are really an excuse to go to cafes and eat cake.  


Most iconic cycle? Ironman Mallorca course.


Craziest thing done on a bike? Signing up for Ironman Mallorca!


Toughest climb? The mountain that's going to be 120km into the 180km bike leg of Ironman Mallorca!


Favourite post ride beverage? Anything that washes down a packet of ready salted crisps


Best meal the night before race day: Posh fish n chips - salmon and sweet potato. Though to be honest I've set several triathlon PBs after a glass of Chardonnay and half a tub of Carte D'Or.


If you could be any rider who would it be? Chrissie Wellington. Her ability to ride and then run is just phenomenal.


Dream cycle destination: Mallorca. Or the Surrey hills; there's no place like home.


Your cycling quote? It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. Confucius.


Bike accessory you can't live without: Friends to ride with.

Jo Billings

Ride Captain and Indoor Cycling Instructor

  • Endurance Cyclist

  • Iron woman


  • RYT200hrs Yoga Teacher

  • Additional 100hr Yoga Anatomy

  • Triathlon England Level 2 Coach

  • FASTER Functional Performance Coach


Bike's nickname: Gloria


Most Iconic cycle (or sportive): Sei Giorni del Sole (Tour of Calabria) Pro, Tour of Sardegna and the G.P. della Liberazione (Roma) Pro


Favourite post ride beverage: a super protein smoothie with bananas or a glass of milk on ice with mint syrup


Best meal the night before race day: brown rice with tuna, onions and peas, accompanied by a broccoli, spinach and beetroot salad in olive oil


If you could be any rider who would it be: Peter Sagan (no doubt)


Toughest climb: Alpe D'huez


Craziest thing done on a bike: slipstreaming at 85 km/h behind my friend's Harley Davidson in jeans and trainers...then crashing shortly after


Dream cycle destination: Route 66 in the U.S. from North East to South West


Your cycling quote: boring I know, but would be Greg Lemond's classic quote "It never gets easier, you just go faster"


Bike part or accessory you cant live without: saddle :) well, my Garmin 1000



Diego Del Brocco

Indoor Cycling Instructor and Ride Captain


  • Indoor Cycling Instructor

  • Ex pro rider